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A Residential Treatment for Girls in – Is it right for your child?

A Therapeutic Boarding School – Is it Right for Your Girl?

Residential Treatment for Girls in Thanks to movies and books, boarding schools have an interesting perception with the public. The picture of odd experiences can make it a confusing choice for parents to decide whether to send their child to a boarding school for troubled teen girls. Though, it’s a very simple decision because education consultants and professors across the world believe that a boarding school is a complete grooming session that never stops compared to a day school that lets the child spend more than half of the day at home or at a daycare center. Here are ten things you need to know about sending your child to a troubled girl’s boarding school:

  • No choice, in this case, is right: Research reveals that no choice, in this case, is good or bad and there is no ‘perfect’ school. Just because your neighbor’s child thrived at a day school doesn’t mean that if your girl is troubled and aggressive, she will perform at a day school too. She will need the attention, care and the support group of a troubled girl’s school. Each child is different and has varied needs. Every child learns in a different way and if you don’t identify and provide what your child specifically needs then it can long-term effects on her future.
  • There is no single ‘type’ of student who’s ideal for day school: When you send you child to a boarding school it doesn’t mean that ship her away to another realm because you can meet them regularly but such an environment can be ideal for some while it is not right for the rest.
  • Types of a boarding school: There are junior boarding schools that help middle-aged kids learn in a structured environment in order to prepare them for the next phase. College prep boarding schools are focused on academics since they prepare kids for the tough college curriculum. There are therapeutic schools that work on the kid’s behavior, help them learn with their abilities. These programs include individual and family therapy sessions too.
  • Boarding schools are not expensive: Boarding schools and private day schools can cost the same because of financial aid options. Re-Creation Retreat offers a unique learning environment for your child while it’s less expensive than the rest on the market. Your child can qualify for scholarships, financial aid is an option and therapeutic school costs can be covered by your insurance too.
  • Sending your child to a boarding school doesn’t mean she won’t bond with her family: Family preservation is a concern for our society, but a lot of families have bonded and preserved their relationships just because they sent their child to a troubled girls boarding school. It develops her, gives her space, disciplines her and being away from will help her realize the worth of family. The boarding school develops your child and turns her into a happy child who values relationships. The extra-curricular activities and individual attention help her discover herself and choose the path to success.
  • Reasons to send your child to a boarding school: Have you noticed a change in your child’s behavior? Has she been aggressive, slamming doors or being abusive? Then she needs help. Consulting a psychologist is ideal but they’ll probably suggest you to send her to a boarding school for troubled teen girls. Your child might be going through some trauma, family issues, risky use, or behavior issues and a therapeutic intervention will work for her. In other cases, your child might be all bright and capable but day school may not be the place for her since her grades have suffered. Sending her to a girl’s boarding school is ideal since it will help her regain her self-confidence and achieve academic success. Such kids simply need a challenging but slow-paced environment where she can get attention. In some case, kids are simply looking for a different environment to motivate them to excel academically.
  • Therapeutic schools like Re-Creation Retreat can benefit your girl: At times parents feel that keeping troubled teens at home will do them good but, in fact, it will worsen her situation. However, when your child is into risky use and has behavior issues then any change of environment without therapeutic support will not help. She will have to attend a boot camp for troubled teens because simply any boarding school won’t help.
  • Speak to a consultant: As parents it is natural to be concerned about your kid’s well-being so hiring a consultant to help make the decision will be ideal. Re-Creation Retreat lets you visit the property with your child; we have consultants you can speak with who will help you come up with a decision that is right for your child.

Re-Creation Retreat – Why you should send your child to the best boarding schools for troubled teens:

Compared to other boarding schools Re-Creation Retreat offers a unique experience. Re-Creation Retreat offers individual academic support with a mentor-student relationship that focuses on the child’s development. Unlike other boarding schools, Re-Creation being a boarding school for troubled teens helps your child learn in ways that she will understand so her overall development is not compromised. Re-Creation offers a therapeutic setting and a support network for troubled girls to work on their issues and get back on track.