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Therapeutic Programs

Our Therapeutic Program

therapeutic programs

Therapeutic Programs Goal

The goal of treatment at Re-Creation Retreat therapeutic programs is to teach the students how to be happy and successful. This is achieved regardless of how complex and difficult the world may be. The students accomplish this goal by learning how to govern their own thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Individual and Family Therapy Schedule

residential treatment center for girlsAt Re-Creation Retreat, treatment is happening 24/7. Students are at RCR to benefit from both the traditional one-on-one psychotherapy as well as the day-to-day programing and structure which is designed to reinforce and supplement the psychotherapy. As such, our students engage in an Individual or Family therapy session once a week. The typical session is one hour. Our team is available to/and does provide therapeutic interventions/sessions when needed to prevent a problem from escalating into a crisis. However, we work to hold to this schedule as it helps the students learn to maximize their time spent in therapy sessions by knowing that it is a structured service for them and that it is their responsibility to utilize their time appropriately.

therapeutic programs
Re-Creation Retreat offers outstanding and affordable inpatient therapeutic programs for girls. We practice a unique and holistic therapeutic approach that includes Individual, Group, and Family therapies such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Animal Assisted, Recreational Therapy, DBT, and Experiential Therapy. Our therapeutic approach is complemented by a focus on healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep, and a limited need for pharmaceutical intervention as needed.

Moreover, upon graduation, the girls are prepared to return home and resume a more productive and healthy lifestyle. Re-Creation Retreat provides a home-like environment where emotional and personal safety is the key ingredient for all emotional growth and behavioral change. Without safety, girls cannot heal from their emotional or behavioral troubles. Our top priority is to develop a sense of safety, security, and support. In a teen’s world, various community-based systems exist, such as friends (peer groups), family, school, sports teams, youth groups, and other community-based groups—all connected by one common factor: your daughter. We strive to create a supportive and encouraging community for her.

Real World Integration

Our foundation is a home-like residential setting that evolves to also include community-based opportunities. We use the daily interactions of students and staff as the “training ground” for therapeutic intervention. Students here get a hands-on real-life view of the most important precepts and principles of life. We teach the girls that if they choose to live by good principles, hold themselves and others accountable, and take responsibility for their choices, they will most likely prosper in all areas of life. Moreover, when they understand and take this in, they will positively contribute (give back) to their family, friends, and others. They will find fulfillment, purpose, and peace.

therapeutic programs

Therapeutic Programs: Growing Principles – Growing in Life

Young women who are struggling need coaching and instruction regarding principles and what is acceptable and what isn’t. Understanding and living by principles does not come automatically, or easily to anyone. Principles such as Choice, Accountability, and Control are critical to a healthy life. Without such strong principles, it is almost impossible to “get healthy.” Add in the condition they come to us, the loss of many of these principles may seem impossible to overcome, but we have seen again and again that our methods and therapies do work. We provide an opportunity and continuous training platform to help our residents to connect with each other and their families back home in an emotionally mature and consistent manner. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your girl.