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What Makes Re-Creation Retreat Girls Group Home Unique?

therapeutic boarding schoolsRe-Creation Retreat offers a very unique therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls. What makes us unique? First, compared to most programs for troubled girls we are a very small program, and we are far more affordable. Our students get one-on-one therapeutic support from our professional staff and clinicians. The extra time with the therapists and counselors that we can offer makes all the difference.

Secondly, Re-Creation Retreat utilizes a positive peer culture approach with the trademark of “community-based treatment.” Most programs for troubled girls use behavior modification combined with therapy. At Re-Creation Therapeutic Boarding School we use a real-world approach, tapping into the power of positive relationships that thrive in a positive culture. We combine clinical therapy with positive peer assistance, creating incredible results that are long-lasting.

Girls are Naturally Relational – Our Program is Designed Exclusively for Troubled Girls

Think of it this way…girls are relational, so it should be no surprise that the relationship-based theory behind positive peer culture would be very effective in the treatment of adolescent girls. As each girl grows and she “gets it.” in turn she gives back to her community in a profoundly positive way. This culture becomes supportive, self-reinforcing, and naturally therapeutic.

We also use the power of “positive strength-based” growth from the girls that have overcome their issues. The girls that come into our therapeutic boarding school program and thrive are given the opportunity to give back to others. Essentially, they take the new students under their wing and support them as they learn to heal.

Giving Back is the Secret

When a young girl who has overcome some difficult emotional and behavioral issues “gives back” to the new students coming in, it not only supports the growth and maturity of the new student, but it solidifies the new values of the older more mature student. It is a process of life coaching, giving, and supporting others. It’s about unconditional acceptance, compassion, and understanding.

What’s more, our graduating students are able to take what they have learned (experientially) in the program and apply every aspect to their life when they return home. It creates an amazing metamorphosis. The girls of Re-Creation, a therapeutic boarding school in Arizona, learn the value of being “other’s-centered” and caring. It is the secret to living a happy and fruitful life.

Opportunities for a Renewed Life

therapeutic boarding schools

Re-Creation Retreat is different from most similar therapeutic boarding school programs. Our goal is to rebuild the child from the inside out. Our objective is a true heart change that will last a lifetime. The girls invest in themselves and others, and they return with internal hope, ready to deal with life on life’s terms – emotionally strong and able to deal with adversity.

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