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Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls in California

Seeking Therapeutic Boarding Schools in California for Your Troubled Girl?

behavioral boarding schoolActually, there are few therapeutic programs to be found in California.  That’s why many parents in California send their girl to Re-Creation Retreat in Arizona. It is the perfect option for parents seeking an affordable yet highly successful option for a troubled girl. 

Re-Creation Retreat is reasonably priced and takes insurance. It it a licensed residential treatment center offering trauma recovery, substance abuse treatment and behavioral therapy for troubled girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Individualized treatment is provided to girls from California by caring professionals.

Our program is staffed by top therapists, substance abuse counselors, and certified teachers.  Supervision is provided 24 hours per day by quality “life coaches” who have been trained to provide direct care for the students while supporting the treatment team who is led by clinical director. For girls from California, we provide individual and group therapy, milieu therapy, and addiction counseling, and other related specialty groups (adoption, divorce, self-harm, self-defeating behaviors, grief and loss, eating disorders).  The unique setting of our group home also allows for the development of life skills (chores, cooking, housekeeping, shopping, etc.).

The Typical Re-Creation Retreat California Student Issues:

  • Substance Abuse/Drug Abuse
  • Personality Disorders
  • Lack of Self-Esteem
  • Oppositional Defiance
  • School and Authority Problems
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Bi-Polar
  • Poor Social Skills
  • Relationship Issues
  • Adoption/Attachment Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Family Issues
  • Entitlement Issues
  • Anger/Rage
  • Eating Disorders

Though we are not located in California, if your daughter is experiencing any of the previous destructive behaviors pleas call and speak with one of our therapeutic team and receive professional assistance in locating the perfect solution (385) 414-8865.  Our Northern Arizona campus is just a few hours from Southern California and it is FAR MORE AFFORDABLE THAN PROGRAMS IN CALIFORNIA.

Re-Creation Retreat helps girls from California who are experiencing behavioral or emotional problems that are negatively impacting their relationships at home, school, or community.  We also help girls with substance abuse issues. We are located in Northern Arizona between the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, appropriately referred to as “Color Country.” This is an inpatient program and stays are typically 9 to 12 months; they vary according to each student’s needs and their response to treatment. Each student participates in a comprehensive program which emphasizes Individual Improvement, Accountability, and Service.

Troubled Girls from California Emerge Triumphantly

behavioral boarding schoolWe believe that underneath every troubled girl there is a beautiful child who is hurting. Currently, she is struggling with emotional and behavioral issues. But those issues do not define her. Meaning, she is defined by her past poor choices, because she can learn to make new healthy choices. When we meet a student for the first time we look beyond her past negative behaviors and see a young girl who can make new choices. We see a young lady who can transform her life, and we are there to assist. We see your child as being able to overcome the detrimental effects of emotional trauma and self-abuse and emerge as a powerful young lady with renewed hope.

We know what it takes for troubled teens to graduate and return home as a productive member of their family. We have an extensive background in education and all forms of therapy. Your child deserves the best treatment/education possible and you deserve to get the most for your money.  Call Re-Creation Retreat at (385) 414-8865 for a free consultation.  We are here to serve you and your family.

Re-Creation Retreat has helped troubled girls from these counties and cities in California:

San Diego County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles,  San Diego,  San Jose,  San Francisco,  Fresno,  Sacramento , Long Beach,  Oakland,  Bakersfield,  Anaheim,  Santa Ana,  Riverside, Stockton,  Chula Vista,  Fremont,  Irvine,  San Bernardino,  Modesto,  Oxnard,  Fontana,  Moreno Valley,  Glendale,  Huntington Beach,  Santa Clarita, Garden Grove, Santa Rosa,  Oceanside,  Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario,  Lancaster,  Elk Grove, Palmdale, Corona,  Salinas,  Pomona,  Torrance,  Hayward,  Escondido,  Sunnyvale,  Pasadena,  Orange, Fullerton,  Thousand Oaks,  Visalia,  Simi Valley,  Concord,  Roseville,  Santa Clara,  Vallejo,  and Victorville.