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Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls in Arkansas

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls in Arkansas, just like Re-Creation Retreat in Northern Arizona, can help when typical boarding schools and counseling fail to change self-destructive behaviors in girls.

therapeutic boarding schoolsTherapeutic boarding schools in Arkansas are perfect for troubled girls. Re-Creation Retreat is one such therapeutic boarding school, providing expert therapy to aid your daughter with behavioral, emotional, or mental health struggles.

In spite of the compassion and support of their family, some girls will develop worrisome behavior that starts to spiral out of control. If you are the concerned parent of such a girl, you might be looking for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls. Such programs are often the most effective treatment when a teenager’s actions threatens to undo her future and overwhelm her potential. These schools provide genuine treatment and intervention, enabling troubled girls the chance to turn their life around.

Therapeutic Residential Treatment for Girls in Arkansas can help. Worrying behavior in girls is almost always a result of deeper seeded issues, and the counseling at these boarding schools seeks to uncover and deal with those root issues. By working only with teenagers with behavioral issues, this program is highly dedicated and specific to the treatment of these problems. This program blends academic, therapeutic, and recreational programs into a complete experience that can produce true, lasting transformation. Students who attend this program recover academically, build self-worth, and resume interest in the future. Practical experience earned in this program teaches teens self-assurance and skills to overcome real life conflicts and difficulties throughout their life after graduation.

Why enroll your girl in the Re-Creation Retreat therapeutic boarding school?

Re-Creation Retreat offer the most successful way to confront the struggles facing troubled girls. They offer long-lasting, real change by addressing struggling girls’ issues on three separate levels.

therapeutic boarding schoolsTherapy…This program provides licensed, experienced, and caring therapists and counselors that offer counseling, in both one-on-one and group settings. We have experience dealing with many common teen issues, including ADD/ADHD, abandonment issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and risky use. Re-Creation Retreat also provides the unique and highly effective equine therapy that isn’t available at many other similar programs. A controlled environment like that provided at this program offers the kind of consistent therapy that is most successful at helping these troubled girls.

Academics…Employed on our staff is a team of licensed teachers dedicated to repairing the academics of troubled teens. The purpose of the academic program here is to get troubled students back on track with their flagging academics. The therapeutic side of the program also helps teenagers to recover their inherent passion for learning, which they will bring with them long after completing this program. Students are provided with an individualized lesson plan that is uniquely tailored to help them achieve appropriate grade level performance.

Physical Activity…Troubled girls often need to learn how to enjoy themselves in appropriate and positive ways. This aspect of the program is necessary in teaching girls how to care about and enjoy life again. Activities like hiking, biking, camping, sports, and skiing teach them cooperation and re-kindle their passion for the outdoors. They learn how to set aims, build trust with their fellows, and surpass obstacles which builds self-esteem and confidence.

Girls from Arkansas that attend this program can turn their lives around before anything terrible occurs or before it is too late.

Elements of highly successful therapeutic boarding schools.

therapeutic boarding schoolsAll therapeutic boarding schools are not the same. Each school differs in its approach and can be more or less successful when addressing various types of troubled students. Success rates also vary, as well as the specializations. It is important that parents do the research necessary to guarantee that they choose the right school for their daughter.

Re-Creation Retreat, although not located in Arkansas, can guarantee that we have your daughter’s wellbeing first in mind and will do everything within the limits of the program to aid them. Troubled girls have never gone too far down an unhealthy road to be successfully rehabilitated. The hope is here at this program. From therapy to employable skills to academic recovery, this program can assist troubled girls and provide them with a successful future that may not otherwise have been offered.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact us at (385) 414-8865.  If your teenager is facing behavioral issues, Re-Creation Retreat can help. We understand the difficulties in raising problematic teens and offer a practical solution. Give us a call at (385) 414-8865 to find out more.

More about therapeutic boarding schools in Arkansas:

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