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Long-Term Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

Long-Term Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

therapeutic boarding school Here are the most commonly known long-term benefits of therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens:

  • Professional guidance: Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens allow a chance to get individual and regular attention from doctors who are experts in their field and experience enough to determine any kind of issues in a troubled teenager. A therapeutic session is not necessarily held alone, but can also be conducted in the presence of a child’s family or her teachers who may know the issues a child is struggling with. The long term benefits may not only expose a girl’s issues but with proper guidance, those issues can get resolved and the positive effects can last a lifetime.
  • A new beginning: Just like a vacation can affect your mood, a boarding school that is far from the influence of bad friends, teachers are worried parents, is the best choice to balance the life of a troubled teen. Applying to a troubled girl’s boarding school is a start of a long term healing process. Trained professionals, teachers and understanding staff provides a stable and safe platform for a child. This professional knows how to handle a troubled teen, as most of the teachers are graduates in specific disciplines rather than a general graduate degree. The long-term benefit for a new start will allow a troubled girl to resolve her issues, be confident to build stronger relationships that will lead them towards a bright future.
  • A solid foundation: Some troubled teens can get slow when it comes to academics and that is why need appropriate attention. A traditional schooling system does not simply provide an appropriate pace for a troubled youth. Specialized boarding school for troubled teen such as Re-creation Retreat itself, provide a right pace by implementing small classrooms that have no more than 25 students. We also group similar teens together who share the same issues and have the same pace in academics. Through support from teachers and peers, teens can bring back their grades and prepare for the future college life.


  • Preparation: A girl previously enrolled in a boarding school is more likely to accept and do well in college and university life, than a girl who hasn’t. These teens are prepared and confident enough to choose a subject area that they are interested in and hence are more likely to gain an advanced college degree, such as a Master’s or doctorate. Because the teens are confident in themselves they can also succeed in their professional life as they are able to express their opinions confidentially without worrying about the dominance from the opposite sex.

Who is a good candidate for a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens?

A child is God’s gift and seeing her blossom into a woman is the most wonderful experience any parent can have. Parents can ignore their child’s inappropriate behavior in the belief that over the passage of time she will get stable. However, most such parents do not realize that the unwanted behavior can multiply over time and in some cases get out of control if proper action is not taken at the right time. Here are signs that show that your child might require the help of a therapeutic boarding school:

  • Rebellious, dangerous behavior.
  • Sudden changes in eating/sleeping habits.
  • Drop in academic performance and grades.
  • Suicidal attempts or withdrawing from social circles.
  • Use of non-medical medications or other illegal or illicit activities.
  • Promiscuous behavior.

Although these are only a few signs any parent can look for in their troubled teen, a thorough counseling session is very important and a deciding factor on what type of boarding school you should opt to send your child. Re-creation Retreat offers a one-on-one consultation to help parents decide what type of program will be beneficial for their child. Contact us today.