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Our Therapeutic Approach and Philosophy

Our Therapeutic Approach and Philosophy

residential treatment center for girlsRe-Creation Retreat, a center for at-risk girls, therapeutic approach and clinical philosophy is unique and based on proven results over time. We offer a clinical treatment program specially designed for girls, utilizing the very best therapeutic modalities available. At Re-Creation Retreat we use a personalized and relational approach with each student, treating each girl as a unique person with special needs. Our ability to tailor our program to address her unique needs makes us different from all the rest.


Re-Creation Retreat has developed an integrated treatment approach for girls with self-identity and self-image issues. Our caring and nurturing therapeutic response is very effective with girls who are struggling with self-worth.

We provide therapeutic care for the underlying injuries deep within the girl. We approach our students and deal with sensitive issues – we do it without the shame, guilt, or need for approval.

Education at Re-Creation Retreat

shutterstock_80184268 (2)One of our main goals is to educate our girls about healthy relationships with clear appropriate boundaries. All too often the girls we serve do not know what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like. Through our community-based program, supplemented with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group therapy, and positive peer culture, our girls grow and thrive.

Girls enrolled in Re-Creation Retreat go through an initial observation and assessment phase supervised by a licensed clinician. A comprehensive risk assessment will be made based on observations of behavior, individual history, bio psycho social, and other pertinent evaluations.

Once the assessment is complete a clinical treatment plan is developed for each girl. Clinical treatment goals will be established in order to set forth the treatment protocol.

Individualized Clinical Treatment Programs – The Plan for Troubled Girls

The development of the treatment plan is individualized and based on the findings of our comprehensive assessment. The clinical treatment plan will integrate treatment and academic support.

Through our approach to treating our students are encouraged to take full responsibility for their own treatment, starting by participation in the initial development of the treatment plan.

Developing Empathy and Concern for Others

Our girls develop the ability to display true empathy for others. This is crucial for full recovery and restoration. Empathy and concern for others are vital to full family restoration. Empathy, understanding, and deep concern for others is an outcome we focus upon from day one. Without empathy and concern for others, it is impossible for a young lady to embrace treatment and expect growth or healing.

Experiential Therapy for Struggling Girls

Re-Creation Retreat provides experiential activities such as animal responsibility, gardening, cooking, and pro-social recreational activities. We use real-world experiences to bring forth the opportunity to use the tools they are learning in the program and through their treatment. It is extremely important that the activities our girls participate in during their stay with us translate into the real world when they return home.