“My 17-year-old daughter has been at Re-Creation Retreat for 7 months and has made great progress and exhibited much growth in valuing herself, her family and in making healthy and positive choices for her future. As many of us as parents may witness atrophy in honesty, integrity, and honor in society and in high schools we have realized through this program that these and our valuable ideals are alive and well. Randy, Krystal, and the Re-Creation team use a value-based system to allow the young women residing there to develop full accountability and accept responsibility for their choices and they are there as guides and mentors. We have seen a more disciplined, restrained, thoughtful, compassionate, and loving daughter evolve over the past 7 months. The daughter we knew we always had and who we adore! The staff is always available and they exhibit compassion for the entire family system. They take their jobs with gravity and as Randy once said to me, it is just that he knows.”