“I was sent to Recreation Retreat when I was 13 years old. It was definitely very hard especially getting there at such a young age. I was at RCR for 15 months… that’s a long time not gonna lie. And it was very hard adjusting to that life style. I was very stubborn at first bc I wasn’t open to what RCR was trying to teaching me. When I finally let my walls down and became open minded to change, that is when my life started to change for the better. I started progressing and going up in phases. I started gaining more privileges and more responsibilities. My relationships with my family, myself and my peers at RCR became stronger. The therapy that RCR provides is amazing! My therapist helped me in so many ways. He didn’t judge me, he listened to what I had to say and gave me so much advice and the help that I needed. (Therapy only works if you open up, you genuinely want to change, and are open minded to it bc your therapist isn’t going to do all the work) I struggled at RCR. I struggled a lot! But one thing that you must know is … it will change your daughters life. It will put her on a path that will automatically make her more successful in life. You build strong friendships with your peers, with your therapist, and with the staff. They’re will be girls that are mean but anywhere you go there’s always gonna be rude people. Just remember that those people aren’t going to benefit you. And that’s one thing that a lot of the girls struggle with when they come into RCR. Their not going to be open minded to the program, so they’re more likely to be attracted to the negativity. So as a parent sending their child to a program like this you definitely have to have patients and faith in this process. This experience is different for everyone, but what I have experienced first hand is that this program has impacted so many young girls life’s, it impacts their families, siblings, peers, staff, everyone!! They have the chance to change their life for the better. This program works only if your child does! You have an opportunity right now to change your daughters life!!”