“Words cannot express how happy we are with our daughters’ progress. Five months ago I almost didn’t recognize my daughter. She was angry, violent, a danger to herself and to her siblings – in essence, she was extremely unhappy. She had made some bad choices that would have eventually led to very negative consequences. In desperation I searched for the right place to send her. I found Re-Creation Retreat. Being with her this weekend, I saw the daughter I have always known and loved, the sweet, caring, responsible young lady with the dazzling smile and affectionate personality. I was most impressed by her sincerity. I can see that the changes she has made are real and that she has, because of you, finally begun to recognize her own self-worth and to believe in the love of God and of her family. We have our daughter back again.

During our visit, thank you for making us feel so at home. You were all so kind. Perhaps the most comforting thing to me as a mother was to see the compassion that Toni, Krystal and the other staff expressed towards all of the girls. It was a relief to me to see our daughter in such caring hands. I feel blessed to have found Re-Creation Retreat.”