“I attended RCR when I was 15-16. I thoroughly believe that I owe my life and successes to RCR. The skills that I learned there in 2019, as hard as they were, have ultimately saved me and given me the ability to help others. It was a long process, and probably the hardest thing I have ever done or will ever do, but it changed my life completely. I know that I would not be on this earth right now without RCR, let alone have graduated high school, be on my way to college to pursue a nursing degree, and be a Nationally Registered EMT at the age of 18. I learned how to love myself and set boundaries. How who I choose to be around and associate myself with directly impacts my future. Perhaps the biggest thing I learned is the value that I have and the impact I have on others. RCR is done right and is safe. Unfortunately, there are very few programs that are, but this one is. The staff are incredible and truly love your daughter. If you have to send your daughter to a treatment or rehab facility, I would highly recommend RCR to anyone.”