“Hardest day of my life. Leaving my troubled, vulnerable daughter in the hands of strangers a thousand miles from home. We had exhausted all local resources. I was devastated, frightened, hopeless.  We recently attended the family  conference weekend. I was overwhelmed by the staff and their true concern over our daughters’,  and all the girls’,  well-being. It is truly a labor of love for them. The program is well structured. Safety is of upmost importance.  Our daughter is in phase one. She has a long ways to go. But already changes are noticeable, that we did not see in previous therapy.  For the first time in a long time, I have hope for our daughter.   I am thankful for the staff at Re-creation retreat who took the time to answer my many questions prior to admission, welcomed my daughter and truly  believe in her.  Should you find yourself in our shoes, I would highly recommend Re-Creation retreat.”