“ReCreation Retreat saved our daughter!  I know you will read many reviews- and if you are parent really struggling with trying to determine if this is the next best step I was in your shoes.  Our daughter was going down a path of destruction; We had tried everything we could to try and help her realize her choices were not going to lead to the life she was destined for.  Sending her to RCR was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life.  It ripped my heart out and left it raw for many months- however, with a lot of faith, trust in the program, and prayers, our daughter learned some amazing life long skills.  The therapy and group work allowed my daughter to look at her choices and sit in the consequences, to reflect, and grow.  She had to choose to work hard and keep working hard- to look at her demons and decide to work through her stuff.  She was at RCR for over a year- She admits it was the hardest thing she’s done but is so thankful for RCR and knows it gave her a second chance.  She did see some trauma with the other girls’ choices but they were working their own programs and I believe seeing the growth of the others also helped her to have faith and want to make changes.  She has graduated HS, got her EMT certification and is heading to college to pursue nursing in the fall.  Randy, Hannah, Garret, Tony, and so many other staff held her accountable, helped her to look deep and learn to love the life she has and who she is.  The consistency, leadership skills, learning personality traits and how to work with others, personal finance, and seminars were priceless.  While the atmosphere is strict it is also loving.  Our daughter was so strong willed- she sat on phase one for over six months…  Will some girls fake the program?  for sure- but for those girls who choose to really decide to look deep and work hard, they will learn to grow and really fly.   She grew up so much in that year, we did a lot of counseling at home as well, while she was at RCR, and worked to see how we could help her keep growing once she returned home.   I will be forever grateful for RCR.  Her story could have been so different and seeing her on the brink of starting her next chapter and knowing she is ready to light the world on fire, brings such a sense of peace, gratitude and hope!!”