“I would highly recommend this program for any family struggling with an adolescent daughter drifting from herself and her potential.  Choosing to make a change was extremely difficult for our family, but we are convinced her path (our path) was altered by the wonderful staff and principled living curriculum practiced at RCR.  Shelly was our initial kind, empathetic, and encouraging contact, Randy was our rock, Sharla the one who guided our way, Hannah the best mentor, Tami and Tony the most patient and hard working educators, and Porter and Jeff fun and level-headed staff that held boundaries but kept life interesting for the girls. These are just a few of the quality staff – consistent staff – over our 18 month relationship.

Proudly, our daughter graduated high school and the RCR program at age 18.  Dad transported her initially (traumatic for both daughter and Dad) after the fall semester of her junior year in high school.  During her stay, our daughter had necessary setbacks and struggles others referenced in reviews because the program is much more than just a “quick learn”.  It is forced, difficult discussions and activities in effort to peel away layers that conceal true reasons for chosen behavior. As parents, we also learned and followed program principles from parent weekends and the optional parenting classes.   Like anything in life, experience is enhanced by commitment. We were committed. We kept boundaries. As a result of her hard work and RCR guidance, our daughter is headed to college, changed associations, and is connected to our family.

RCR is a safe and loving place true to its principles- the consistency made all the difference.  We will always be grateful that our daughter shed some false beliefs and, while adolescence will still be difficult, she is equipped with tools to make great choices. Again – we highly recommend RCR.”