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Student and Parent Testimonies | Re-Creation Retreat

Student and Parent Testimonies

See what parents and students are saying about Re-Creation Retreat; “Life-changing”, “Real, heart-level restoration.” To receive a list of former parents and students for references

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“We are so grateful to you all. We are certain that you have heard over and over from so many families that you saved their daughters life. Thank you for everything!

We are grateful that we found RCR. If not for RCR we don’t know what the status of our family would be…. But we don’t need to think about that because we know that our family is whole and we know that our daughter now has the resources and tools to make good self-interest decisions.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

From The Shahar Family

“Words cannot express how happy we are with our daughters’ progress. Five months ago I almost didn’t recognize my daughter. She was angry, violent, a danger to herself and to her siblings – in essence, she was extremely unhappy. She had made some bad choices that would have eventually led to very negative consequences. In desperation I searched for the right place to send her. I found Re-Creation Retreat. Being with her this weekend, I saw the daughter I have always known and loved, the sweet, caring, responsible young lady with the dazzling smile and affectionate personality. I was most impressed by her sincerity. I can see that the changes she has made are real and that she has, because of you, finally begun to recognize her own self-worth and to believe in the love of God and of her family. We have our daughter back again.

During our visit, thank you for making us feel so at home. You were all so kind. Perhaps the most comforting thing to me as a mother was to see the compassion that Toni, Krystal and the other staff expressed towards all of the girls. It was a relief to me to see our daughter in such caring hands. I feel blessed to have found Re-Creation Retreat.”

From Lauri

“Re-Creation Retreat saved my daughter. She has an inner dignity now which she lacked going into the program. She now experiences happiness in the present and has positive plans for the future. She is using her intelligence for college courses and being responsible in a job. I am now happy to have her living at home.

It was the right decision for her to be in the program. I feel redeemed, knowing that I did make the right decision. My daughter now loves me and is leading a constructive, happy life. The program rescued my daughter. Thank you.”

From Ann

“Thank you for all you do for the girls. Thank you for your kindness, patience and support. We
appreciate all the work you all do. We are able to sleep at night knowing our daughter is safe and in an environment where she can learn to be the girl we know her to be!”

From Donna

“I just want to tell you how how grateful we are for the work you all are doing. We can see changes in our daughter & you’ve given us reason to hope for better days ahead.

I know you all may have different reasons for the work you’ve chosen, but I’m so glad you’ve chosen to be at RCR and we appreciate the love and dedication you are giving to our daughter. Thank you.”

From Laura

“My 17-year-old daughter has been at Re-Creation Retreat for 7 months and has made great progress and exhibited much growth in valuing herself, her family and in making healthy and positive choices for her future. As many of us as parents may witness atrophy in honesty, integrity, and honor in society and in high schools we have realized through this program that these and our valuable ideals are alive and well. Randy, Krystal, and the Re-Creation team use a value-based system to allow the young women residing there to develop full accountability and accept responsibility for their choices and they are there as guides and mentors. We have seen a more disciplined, restrained, thoughtful, compassionate, and loving daughter evolve over the past 7 months. The daughter we knew we always had and who we adore! The staff is always available and they exhibit compassion for the entire family system. They take their jobs with gravity and as Randy once said to me, it is just that he knows.”

From Vanessa