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Student and Parent Testimonies | Re-Creation Retreat

Student and Parent Testimonies

See what parents and students are saying about Re-Creation Retreat; “Life-changing”, “Real, heart-level restoration.” To receive a list of former parents and students for references

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“We are so grateful to you all. We are certain that you have heard over and over from so many families that you saved their daughters life. Thank you for everything!

We are grateful that we found RCR. If not for RCR we don’t know what the status of our family would be…. But we don’t need to think about that because we know that our family is whole and we know that our daughter now has the resources and tools to make good self-interest decisions.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

From The Shahar Family

“Words cannot express how happy we are with our daughters’ progress. Five months ago I almost didn’t recognize my daughter. She was angry, violent, a danger to herself and to her siblings – in essence, she was extremely unhappy. She had made some bad choices that would have eventually led to very negative consequences. In desperation I searched for the right place to send her. I found Re-Creation Retreat. Being with her this weekend, I saw the daughter I have always known and loved, the sweet, caring, responsible young lady with the dazzling smile and affectionate personality. I was most impressed by her sincerity. I can see that the changes she has made are real and that she has, because of you, finally begun to recognize her own self-worth and to believe in the love of God and of her family. We have our daughter back again.

During our visit, thank you for making us feel so at home. You were all so kind. Perhaps the most comforting thing to me as a mother was to see the compassion that Toni, Krystal and the other staff expressed towards all of the girls. It was a relief to me to see our daughter in such caring hands. I feel blessed to have found Re-Creation Retreat.”

From Lauri

“Re-Creation Retreat saved my daughter. She has an inner dignity now which she lacked going into the program. She now experiences happiness in the present and has positive plans for the future. She is using her intelligence for college courses and being responsible in a job. I am now happy to have her living at home.

It was the right decision for her to be in the program. I feel redeemed, knowing that I did make the right decision. My daughter now loves me and is leading a constructive, happy life. The program rescued my daughter. Thank you.”

From Ann

“Thank you for all you do for the girls. Thank you for your kindness, patience and support. We
appreciate all the work you all do. We are able to sleep at night knowing our daughter is safe and in an environment where she can learn to be the girl we know her to be!”

From Donna

“I just want to tell you how how grateful we are for the work you all are doing. We can see changes in our daughter & you’ve given us reason to hope for better days ahead.

I know you all may have different reasons for the work you’ve chosen, but I’m so glad you’ve chosen to be at RCR and we appreciate the love and dedication you are giving to our daughter. Thank you.”

From Laura

“My 17-year-old daughter has been at Re-Creation Retreat for 7 months and has made great progress and exhibited much growth in valuing herself, her family and in making healthy and positive choices for her future. As many of us as parents may witness atrophy in honesty, integrity, and honor in society and in high schools we have realized through this program that these and our valuable ideals are alive and well. Randy, Krystal, and the Re-Creation team use a value-based system to allow the young women residing there to develop full accountability and accept responsibility for their choices and they are there as guides and mentors. We have seen a more disciplined, restrained, thoughtful, compassionate, and loving daughter evolve over the past 7 months. The daughter we knew we always had and who we adore! The staff is always available and they exhibit compassion for the entire family system. They take their jobs with gravity and as Randy once said to me, it is just that he knows.”

From Vanessa

“I would highly recommend this program for any family struggling with an adolescent daughter drifting from herself and her potential.  Choosing to make a change was extremely difficult for our family, but we are convinced her path (our path) was altered by the wonderful staff and principled living curriculum practiced at RCR.  Shelly was our initial kind, empathetic, and encouraging contact, Randy was our rock, Sharla the one who guided our way, Hannah the best mentor, Tami and Tony the most patient and hard working educators, and Porter and Jeff fun and level-headed staff that held boundaries but kept life interesting for the girls. These are just a few of the quality staff – consistent staff – over our 18 month relationship.

Proudly, our daughter graduated high school and the RCR program at age 18.  Dad transported her initially (traumatic for both daughter and Dad) after the fall semester of her junior year in high school.  During her stay, our daughter had necessary setbacks and struggles others referenced in reviews because the program is much more than just a “quick learn”.  It is forced, difficult discussions and activities in effort to peel away layers that conceal true reasons for chosen behavior. As parents, we also learned and followed program principles from parent weekends and the optional parenting classes.   Like anything in life, experience is enhanced by commitment. We were committed. We kept boundaries. As a result of her hard work and RCR guidance, our daughter is headed to college, changed associations, and is connected to our family.

RCR is a safe and loving place true to its principles- the consistency made all the difference.  We will always be grateful that our daughter shed some false beliefs and, while adolescence will still be difficult, she is equipped with tools to make great choices. Again – we highly recommend RCR.”

From Joann

“I was sent to Recreation Retreat when I was 13 years old. It was definitely very hard especially getting there at such a young age. I was at RCR for 15 months… that’s a long time not gonna lie. And it was very hard adjusting to that life style. I was very stubborn at first bc I wasn’t open to what RCR was trying to teaching me. When I finally let my walls down and became open minded to change, that is when my life started to change for the better. I started progressing and going up in phases. I started gaining more privileges and more responsibilities. My relationships with my family, myself and my peers at RCR became stronger. The therapy that RCR provides is amazing! My therapist helped me in so many ways. He didn’t judge me, he listened to what I had to say and gave me so much advice and the help that I needed. (Therapy only works if you open up, you genuinely want to change, and are open minded to it bc your therapist isn’t going to do all the work) I struggled at RCR. I struggled a lot! But one thing that you must know is … it will change your daughters life. It will put her on a path that will automatically make her more successful in life. You build strong friendships with your peers, with your therapist, and with the staff. They’re will be girls that are mean but anywhere you go there’s always gonna be rude people. Just remember that those people aren’t going to benefit you. And that’s one thing that a lot of the girls struggle with when they come into RCR. Their not going to be open minded to the program, so they’re more likely to be attracted to the negativity. So as a parent sending their child to a program like this you definitely have to have patients and faith in this process. This experience is different for everyone, but what I have experienced first hand is that this program has impacted so many young girls life’s, it impacts their families, siblings, peers, staff, everyone!! They have the chance to change their life for the better. This program works only if your child does! You have an opportunity right now to change your daughters life!!”

From Robinn

“I had the opportunity to visit the campus with my best friend who graduated the program here 5 years ago. During our visit we were able to sit in on a group session and talk with some of the staff along with some of the girls in the program. It was amazing to see these girls studying and applying universal laws and principles. It was an amazing environment.”

From Brandon

“Re-Creation Retreat was exactly what we needed and I happily recommend it! If you are searching for a place for your daughter, hang in there. What a difficult decision. You can feel comfortable about Re-Creation Retreat. From the moment I spoke to Bonnie about their program ideals, I knew my daughter was headed to the right destination. I knew that my daughter would no longer be able to manipulate or fool anyone, and the RCR program would get down to the core of her decision making. They are all about helping your daughter own her choices!

The owner, Randy, and his son Austin, called me when my daughter was settled in. They made sure they knew her situation and why she was there. I appreciated how they both took time to understand it thoroughly.

My daughter was assigned an excellent therapist, Jeff, and we spoke weekly about how my daughter was doing. We participated in group therapy via phone that was tailored just to her. I could tell that Jeff cared deeply about her making progress. He understood her. He also detailed her progress over the phone privately with me, and encouraged me, even when she had setbacks.

My daughter had to see the doctor a few times when she was there, and the Health director, Aubriana was right on top of it, communicating with me and taking care of my daughter. The medical facilities my daughter had access to while at school were great.

When my daughter graduated I got to hear staff and students read letters to her and it was amazing. They really care! You can feel comfortable sending your daughter here, and you can feel confident she will come home changed for the better!”

From Elaine

“This was one of the hardest things I have ever done but it really was what I needed. I did hate the program while I was in it and a little bit after but this program changed me and my family’s life forever in a good positive way. This program really did save my life!”

From Katie

“RCR saves girls and families. I learned to be honest with myself and find joy in life again. Do the work and you can succeed!”

From Ali

“We can not say enough great things about the staff at RCR, Randy runs a principle based facility based on Love not fear. Our daughter went to RCR just 3.5 months ago and was lost, she now has purpose. She had decided not to finish school, was harming herself and had no plans of any kind. She basically would do anything negative to get  a reaction. Now she smiles, laughs, likes school, has a purpose and is talking about real life plans! Randy and the entire team are always doing what is best for the girls. Amazing transformations happen at RCR! Thank you!”

From JJ

“Hardest day of my life. Leaving my troubled, vulnerable daughter in the hands of strangers a thousand miles from home. We had exhausted all local resources. I was devastated, frightened, hopeless.  We recently attended the family  conference weekend. I was overwhelmed by the staff and their true concern over our daughters’,  and all the girls’,  well-being. It is truly a labor of love for them. The program is well structured. Safety is of upmost importance.  Our daughter is in phase one. She has a long ways to go. But already changes are noticeable, that we did not see in previous therapy.  For the first time in a long time, I have hope for our daughter.   I am thankful for the staff at Re-creation retreat who took the time to answer my many questions prior to admission, welcomed my daughter and truly  believe in her.  Should you find yourself in our shoes, I would highly recommend Re-Creation retreat.”

From Krista

“Randy saved my daughter and I am forever grateful. Parents need to know this is a hard program and if love your child commit! Best thing that has ever happened to our family! Your child will be safe! You will miss them and you will want to pick them up but don’t! The life skills you will learn are worth it!! I was like every parent trying to find answers. Trust in the program and you will see! If you need help reach out and ask questions! Go visit! Do your research!”

From Benjamin

“ReCreation Retreat saved our daughter!  I know you will read many reviews- and if you are parent really struggling with trying to determine if this is the next best step I was in your shoes.  Our daughter was going down a path of destruction; We had tried everything we could to try and help her realize her choices were not going to lead to the life she was destined for.  Sending her to RCR was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life.  It ripped my heart out and left it raw for many months- however, with a lot of faith, trust in the program, and prayers, our daughter learned some amazing life long skills.  The therapy and group work allowed my daughter to look at her choices and sit in the consequences, to reflect, and grow.  She had to choose to work hard and keep working hard- to look at her demons and decide to work through her stuff.  She was at RCR for over a year- She admits it was the hardest thing she’s done but is so thankful for RCR and knows it gave her a second chance.  She did see some trauma with the other girls’ choices but they were working their own programs and I believe seeing the growth of the others also helped her to have faith and want to make changes.  She has graduated HS, got her EMT certification and is heading to college to pursue nursing in the fall.  Randy, Hannah, Garret, Tony, and so many other staff held her accountable, helped her to look deep and learn to love the life she has and who she is.  The consistency, leadership skills, learning personality traits and how to work with others, personal finance, and seminars were priceless.  While the atmosphere is strict it is also loving.  Our daughter was so strong willed- she sat on phase one for over six months…  Will some girls fake the program?  for sure- but for those girls who choose to really decide to look deep and work hard, they will learn to grow and really fly.   She grew up so much in that year, we did a lot of counseling at home as well, while she was at RCR, and worked to see how we could help her keep growing once she returned home.   I will be forever grateful for RCR.  Her story could have been so different and seeing her on the brink of starting her next chapter and knowing she is ready to light the world on fire, brings such a sense of peace, gratitude and hope!!”

From Joanna

“I recently graduated from RCR. I can definitely say that my time there has helped me grow and develop into the person I am today. I have learned a huge amount of skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Prior to RCR I was very uneducated about laws and principles that govern our everyday lives. Now I not only know principles but I understand them and live in accordance with them. My life has changed and I will never forget the incredible experience of spending my junior year of high school at RCR. I have never been to any other programs but from what I have experienced, this is a place that digs deep and actually helps work through past, present and future challenges. I have personally worked in therapy through my past trauma and have gotten to the root of many limiting beliefs. After doing the work to break through them I have felt a lot more at peace with who I am and the decisions I make. The staff who work there truly care so much about us students and the connection I have made with them are ones I would like to keep for the rest of my life. I am not going to say I didn’t have my bad days where I felt like I couldn’t do the program. What got me through was being able to zoom out and look at the bigger picture. I truly believe RCR saved my life and I am very grateful. A big thanks to everyone who was part of my journey.”

From Eva

“I attended RCR when I was 15-16. I thoroughly believe that I owe my life and successes to RCR. The skills that I learned there in 2019, as hard as they were, have ultimately saved me and given me the ability to help others. It was a long process, and probably the hardest thing I have ever done or will ever do, but it changed my life completely. I know that I would not be on this earth right now without RCR, let alone have graduated high school, be on my way to college to pursue a nursing degree, and be a Nationally Registered EMT at the age of 18. I learned how to love myself and set boundaries. How who I choose to be around and associate myself with directly impacts my future. Perhaps the biggest thing I learned is the value that I have and the impact I have on others. RCR is done right and is safe. Unfortunately, there are very few programs that are, but this one is. The staff are incredible and truly love your daughter. If you have to send your daughter to a treatment or rehab facility, I would highly recommend RCR to anyone.”

From Lauren

“I graduated this program twice. Once in December of 2019 and in May of 2021. Why I returned to RCR is of my own accord. I got involved with bad people and played the victim card. I went back to RCR on account of a few suicide attempts. I’m so glad I went back. I love myself and I graduated high school two years early and I am starting college in the fall. I did not make the best choices, getting set back a phase, but I’m so glad I made those choices. Every choice and consequence led me to where I am today. I have a job and I love who I have become. Stick with it and never give up on yourself. Keep it positive and you’ll find that you are so much better than before.”

From Thea

“This place honestly saved my life. Often times, I see negative reviews about the school from past students. The program will not work unless you work it. It is important to note that this program is not for the faint of heart. You will have bad days, you will feel like life is unfair, you will even want to quit. BUT, you will also have good days. Even on the bad days, you are in a continuous state of learning. RCR really emphasizes the importance of growing and learning the most you can in order to be successful in this life. I learned so much at RCR and I would recommend this place to any and everyone, unfortunately only teen girls can attend, but it is a learning process for the whole family. I highly suggest sending your troubled teenage daughter to this school. It could be the difference between life and death.”

From Mallory