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Teens That Runaway

Has Your Daughter Ever Ran Away From Home?

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Teens that run away from home may have different reasons depending on the situation.

It is important to understand the thought process behind the adolescent’s behavior in order to understand and help the struggling teenager. An adolescent may leave because they feel they have no other choice, or their parent doesn’t understand. The teen most often does not realize the consequence of their actions by running away. They do not realize what is in store for them once they leave the safety of their home. Runaways are frequently dealing with another issue either mental or risky use which may aid in their desire to leave their home so they can deal with the situation differently.

Teens who run away face new difficulties when they are on the streets because they have no legitimate way to support themselves. Runaways may have to resort to stealing just to have the basic necessity of food. Teens who run away also have to deal with not having a place to sleep regularly and often resort to behaviors that they would not typically engage in to support themselves.

There are not always clear signs that the teen may be about to run off, it is important to work on the relationship that you have with the young person. If you notice signs that your relationship with the teenager is changing or the teen is suddenly acting out then those may be good signs that the young person may be more inclined to run away. As a parent of a teen, it is important to recognize that at times you may not be able to help your teen but it is important to seek out the help they need if you are not able to provide it.

residential treatment for girlsOur Residential Treatment for Girls Can Help Your Daughter

Re-Creation Retreat offers a very unique residential treatment for girls. What makes us unique? First, compared to most programs for teen girls we are a very small program, and we are far more affordable. Our students get one-on-one therapeutic support from our professional staff and clinicians. The extra time with the therapists and counselors that we can offer makes all the difference.

Secondly, Re-Creation Retreat utilizes a positive peer culture approach with the trademark of “principle-based treatment.” Most residential treatment for girls use behavior modification combined with therapy. At Re-Creation residential treatment for girls we use a real-world approach, tapping into the power of positive relationships that thrive in a positive culture. We combine clinical therapy with positive peer assistance, creating incredible results that are long-lasting.

Do you want to see your daughter thrive in a structured environment focused on developing character and setting a new direction for her life? Re-Creation Retreat for troubled girls can help. Please call us today at (385) 414-8865 or send us an email at admissions@residentialtreatmentforteens.com.