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Teenage Girls Using Foul Language

Teenage Girls Using Foul Language

Teenage Girls Using Foul LanguageWhether you over hear your teenage daughter talking on the phone, chatting with a friend in her room, or in the heat of an argument between siblings, you may often find yourself looking for options to curb your teen’s foul language. If your teen’s language leaves you needing to purchase teen mouth sized bars of soap, don’t despair. To help your teenage daughter clean up her potty mouth, you may need to gain insight into why she is choosing the words she does will help you.

One main reason that teens begin to use foul language is to sound grown up. Trying to sound mature like the fictional characters they see in movies and in books, sometimes is enough to get the gutter mouth flowing. Teens associate swearing as a rite of passage, and as parents, we can help them learn healthier ways of expressing and developing maturity. When you ask your teenage daughter why she is swearing, you may get a response stating that it’s cool and all her friends do it, too. Help your teen to understand that there are times that foul language is not appropriate. For instance, in front of authority figures, family and loved ones, and elders, bad language should not be used. But let them know that everyone lets out expletives by accident and your teen is old enough to know this and should understand the difference.

Helping Teenage Girls Combat her Foul Language

If your teenage girls continues to use foul language, regardless of how much you have talked to them, you probably need to take action. She is old enough to understand the consequences of bad behavior and you must remain consistent in giving reprimand. There is the old stand-by of grounding for this bad language or you can use a money jar and charge money for each bad word they use. Put this money in a glass jar where your teen is able to see just how much money they are losing by swearing. You can be assured that your teen does not want to give money away. They would much rather be spending it at the mall or the movies. Bad language is not okay for a teen to use and finding the right way to stop her language may be tough. However, it can be done. It is just finding the right way, whether it is coming up with crazy words in exchange for the swear words or fining her for each bad word she says. Just remember, if she hears it, she will probably repeat it. Just as she did when she was 2!

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