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Teenage Girls and Positive Peer Culture

Teenage Girls and Positive Peer Culture

Teenage Girls and Positive Peer CultureAdolescence is time spent searching for one’s identity, and teenage girls tend to rely on the influences of those around them, whom they socially associate with especially, for the basis of their moral standards, likes and dislikes, and many other personality traits, so positive peer culture is the foundation of interpersonal relational abilities and a healthy sense of self.  Learn more about what positive peer culture can do for teenage girls by calling 385-414-8865 today.

Positive peer culture consists of teamwork, community service, tolerance, honesty, friendship, and being genuine in character.  When teenage girls fall in with the wrong crowd, they may emulate the negative behavioral traits of the people they are around, which can lead to academic struggles, conflict within the family, and even severe problems like non-medical medication use and addiction.  Facilities such as residential treatment centers incorporate positive peer culture into restorative programs that effect positive behavioral change in teenage girls.

How are Teenage Girls Effected by Positive Peer Culture?

  • A code of conduct assures a safe environment and promotes pro-social behavior
  • Teenage girls will discover a sense of belonging
  • Positive responses to influences of the community
  • They will be able to make solid contributions to society
  • Censures and adjusts negative behavior
  • Self-worth, significance, and responsibility will be developed
  • Commitment to psychologically healthy values
  • Concern and service towards others

Teenage girls can achieve emotional intelligence development and maturity with the security and support that positive peer culture offers.  Typically, a teen’s world is comprised of several community-based systems like friends, families, schools, sports teams, and activity groups.  Knowing that these contribute to a positive peer culture is a good way to ensure healthy relational abilities in teenage girls.

Re-Creation Retreat:  Using Positive Peer Culture as part of the Treatment Program for Teenage Girls

Re-Creation Retreat is a residential treatment center that also serves as a therapeutic boarding school for teenage girls who need help getting back on the right path in life.  Sometimes issues of or relating to peer affiliation can interfere with a balanced and productive lifestyle, so therapeutic modalities like equine therapy and academic restoration delivered through a positive peer culture can greatly impact the lives of teenage girls.  Learn more by calling 385-414-8865 today.