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Teenage Girls and Peer Pressure

Teenage Girls and Peer Pressure

girls residential treatmentIt is to be expected that teenage girls encounter peer pressure in their lives, so encouraging open communication and empowering young women to voice their opinions are wonderful ways to help them develop strong characters; maintaining an individual identity is best in combating the trials that peer pressure brings, and with therapeutic assistance and education, teenage girls can learn to identify negative influences while perpetuating positive peer culture. 

Learn more about helping teenage girls understand peer pressure by calling 385-414-8865 today. At some point, everybody has the desire to fit into a group as it makes them feel secure and indetifies who they are and what they’re about.  Peer pressure involves conforming to certain behaviors, attitudes, and personal habits of groups that teenagers associate with.  Some peer pressure can be healthy, however.  For example, if teenage girls are involved in sports their teammates challenge them to do their best.  If they are striving for good grades, they may feel pressure to surpass the smartest classmates in knowledge and score higher on tests.  Unfortunately, in most cases, the peer pressure teenage girls encounter can have serious consequences.

Effects of Peer Pressure for Teenage Girls:

Drop in academic performance; ditching school, neglecting homework, and not studying resulting in a lower grade point average, missing assignments, poor test scores, risky activities; teenage girls are more likely to engage in risky situations when their friends do the same, such as trying risky use or cigarettes and even involving themselves in harmful sexual acts. Trouble with the law; associating with the wrong crowd can lead to law-breaking, such as trespassing, underage drinking, non-medical medication use and addiction, stealing, and other ways to show disregard for rules and authority. Change in attitude; when teenage girls succumb to peer pressure, they tend to lose sight of what makes them who they are, altering the way they interact with the world around them in order to be accepted by their friends.

Re-Creation Retreat:  Helping Teenage Girls Handle Peer Pressure

When peer pressure gets out of hand and causes detrimental changes in the lives of teenage girls, therapeutic guidance can be the perfect solution.  Re-Creation Retreat is an all-girl residential treatment center that aims to restore troubled teenage girls that require caring guidance in order to get back on the right path.  Call 385-414-8865 for a free consultation.