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Teen Girls and Abortion

Abortion Can Be Very Traumatic For a Teen

Take Advantage of Schools for Troubled Teens - Your Daughter Will Thank YouVery few traumatic events compare to abortion, and when teen girls must make the brave decision to follow through with terminating a pregnancy, the psychological aftermath can be devastating; residential therapeutic treatment will provide a constructive experience that promotes healing and wellbeing, helping troubled adolescents regain balance in body, mind, and spirit.  Learn more about how professional assistance can restore teen girls by calling 385-414-8865. Each year, 1 million American teenagers become pregnant, and 78% of these are unintended.  According to a large study, 35-40% of teen girls who become pregnant choose to abort the fetus.  There are many reasons as to why people follow through with abortion, including financial concerns, lack of a partner or bad relationship, medical concerns, or negative effects on the female’s life, but the main reason is unwanted pregnancy.  It is important that teen girls not make the decision under the pressure of others, as they will be the ones having to deal with the psychological and emotional burdens for the rest of their lives.

Help for Teen Girls Dealing with Abortion Issues

Abortion is a frightening experience, and in adolescence, a catalyst for major change.  Parents need to be fully supportive, compassionate, and understanding when guiding their daughters through this difficult time.  After the event, teen girls can receive a ‘wake-up call’, where they will realize the error of their ways, perhaps reassessing their behavioral habits associated with promiscuity, peer pressure, relationship dynamics, and other aspects that contributed to conception.  They also may go a darker route, suffering from depression which can lead to destructive choices like voluntary isolation, risky use abuse, and withdrawal from normal daily activities. Teen girls need help overcoming the adversity of abortion.  Therapy will bring realization of underlying issues, experiential activities will build life skills, education will prevent similar happenstances, and involvement in a positive peer culture will bring hope, for nothing is more heartening than interacting with like-minded individuals in a healthy and constructive environment.

Re-Creation Retreat:  Giving Teen Girls a Second Chance at Life

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Re-Creation Retreat is a residential treatment center that utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities proven to effect positive change in the lives of teen girls.  Abortion issues do not have to interfere with wellness.  The healing journey is but a phone call away, so call 385-414-8865 to learn more about restorative options for teen girls.