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Re-Creation Retreat Staff

Randy Soderquist, LCSW, Owner

randy soderquist therapeutic boarding school in arizonaRandy Soderquist is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years experience working with troubled children, adolescents and families in both residential and outpatient settings. Randy served as the Program Director of a Federally funded children’s mental health grant to improve mental health services to youth and their families. Randy previously worked with several therapeutic boarding schools, providing individual and group counseling to the youth, clinical supervision to the clinical director and therapists as well as clinical consultation to the owners and clinical directors.

Randy enjoys working with youth, helping them to see who they really are and their potential to become anything they can dream to be! Randy specializes in working with adolescent females who have experienced abuse, trauma and substance abuse. Randy is also a Level I Certified Equine Assisted Therapist.

Randy and his wife Toni are the parents of five children. One son and four daughters. The motivation for Re-Creation Retreat came from the personal experience of helping one of their daughters through a very abusive relationship. As they attempted to help their daughter, they were amazed at the difficulty dealing with the legal system, the educational system and the well-meaning but uninformed community in which they lived. Due to the lack of knowledge about abuse of women and its dynamics and a lack of resources, they found it to be a challenge to get their daughter the help she needed and to find support for themselves as parents.

As a result, Randy and Toni developed Re-Creation Retreat. It is a private school and inpatient care facility for girls with the mission of helping young women “Re-Create” their lives around true principles leading to a correct understanding of who they “really are” and who they “can be.” Re-Creation Retreat is a resource for parents who are at the point of not knowing what to do to help their daughter who may be making poor decisions, failing in school, involved in unhealthy relationships and/or just defying parental authority.

Sharla Christie ALPC RCR Therapist

A compassionate listener, Sharla has a knack for helping others connect with their emotions. With over seven years experience in individual and family therapy at Re-Creation Retreat, Sharla is spurred on by her desire to make a difference in the lives of the students she works with, and the types of relationships they form with themselves and others.

Comfortable with tackling tough topics, Sharla is a specialist in dealing with trauma and is certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy). Sharla leads the therapy group, “Voices” where she focuses on providing information and therapeutic tools designed to help each individual heal from their past and find ways to move forward.

She has a passion for photography, graphic design, reading, and staying connected. Sharla and her husband Phil have been married for thirty years, and in addition to their own tribe of seven, they have ten grandchildren, a gaggle of geese and a flock of ducks.

Austin Soderquist BA RCR, Associate Therapist, Workshop Facilitator

Passionate about teaching personal growth and development, Austin is a great advocate of positive thinking and the power to overcome limiting beliefs. Austin has a Bachelor of Arts from Dixie State University in St. George, and is currently working on a Masters from Grand Canyon University, as he works towards becoming a licensed therapist.

Upbeat, and a go-getter, Austin teaches drama, and is notorious for making video clips and for his quirky sense of humor which he uses to help others to deal with stress and to redirect their energy. He has worked at Re-Creation Retreat for over six years in various positions including Youth Coach, Shift Leader and more recently as the Residential Director. He discovered he feels right at home working with youth, and also more recently, mentoring staff. He is one of the Positive Control System’s Trainers for RCR. Austin is married to the lovely Abrianna and they have one son.

Tami Johnson B.Ed RCR Academic Director

Tami Johnson, RCR’s Academic Advisor recalls wanting to be a teacher ever since she was in second grade because she enjoys sharing her love for learning, especially in math and science. As a self- described “math nerd,” a certified teacher, and a life coach, she loves to mentor youth to promote their all round growth. Tami is currently working on a Masters in Science. She enjoys nature, hiking and crafts and is a mother of three adult children. Her family includes four dogs, two cats and six chickens.

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