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Sending Your Daughter to a Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Sending Your Daughter to a Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Boarding School for Troubled Teen GirlsIt takes a great deal of courage to care for and parent a troubled teen girl. The courage to recognize and face the challenges your daughter is facing and to do anything and everything it takes to help her overcome them. In the following sections, we discuss areas where parents need the most courage in dealing with a troubled teenager and how to go about finding that courage. Ultimately, mustering the strength necessary to make the tough decisions will help you decide if a boarding school for troubled teen girls is the right choice for getting your little girl back on track.

Admitting your Daughter has a Problem

This is the first and most important step to being a courageous parent. It is not easy admitting your child has a problem and that it is not going to go away on its own. It takes a lot of strength on your part as her parent to realize this, but once you do, your daughter can begin healing. You have probably already seen signs of your daughter’s problems, but have tried pretending they don’t exist in hopes they will go away. This is normal and common behavior in a situation like this. However, when your daughter struggles with the same problems over and over, it is time to listen to that nagging voice in your head that has been telling you her problems are more than just normal teen issues. What to do: Make an appointment with the school counselor or a therapist to get a better understanding of the issues your daughter is dealing with.

Getting Past the Emotions that keep you from seeing the Truth of your Daughter’s Situation

Guilt: it is an emotion most parents feel many times while parenting teens, but when you are the parent of a troubled teen girl, this emotion often keeps you from seeing the truth of her situation. Feeling that somehow her problems are your fault, or that you could have or should have done something differently are unhelpful guilt trips teen parents lay on themselves all the time. You have to get past these feelings in order to truly help your teen. What to do: Be conscientious of the emotions that get in the way and make an effort to keep them at bay when making tough decisions like sending your daughter to a boot camp for troubled teens.

Taking Care of yourself as you Deal with your Troubled Daughter

Your instinct is probably to put everything you have and everything you are into helping your daughter overcome her problems, but being able to take care of yourself during the process takes a great deal of courage. It is hard to focus on yourself when your little girl struggles so, but that is exactly what you have to do in order to have enough energy and will to help your daughter succeed. You owe it to your teen, your other children, your partner, and especially yourself to take the necessary time you need to recharge and refocus when parenting a troubled teen. What to do: Set aside time each day (at least 30 minutes) to focus on you. Read a book, take a bath or do some other activity you enjoy. Take time to relax and re-energize when you can.

Boarding School for Troubled Teen GirlsGetting the Professional Help your Daughter Needs

Even if you realize your daughter is struggling, it can be difficult for most parents to admit they are unable to fix the problems themselves. Seeking professional help for your daughter takes a lot of courage, but it is something you must do as a responsible parent. Once you realize your daughter’s problems are bigger than you, making the decision to find outside help becomes much easier. What to do: Learn about all the resources available to troubled teens in your area.

Is a Troubled Girls’ Boarding School the Right Place for your Daughter?

Only you can decide if a troubled girls’ boarding school is the right choice or not, but there are many great opportunities available to her at the right school. Not all boarding schools are created equal. First, let’s take a look at some of the behaviors that a boarding school can help your teen overcome:

  • Lack of direction or motivation
  • Disrespect
  • Insubordination
  • Low self-esteem
  • Truancy
  • Failing grades
  • Breaking Curfew
  • Sexual promiscuity
  • Lying

For girls exhibiting these behaviors repeatedly, a troubled girls’ school like Re-Creation Retreat can help. Ours is a behavior modification/therapeutic boarding school that caters to the unique needs of teen girls. Our facility removes all of the distractions that normally interfere with learning and good behavior and replaces them with activities that build core values such as responsibility for self and others, peer relationships and positive thinking. Our all-girls’ school offers a quality education taught by teachers who understand the unique mindset of the teenage girl. This education combined with therapy helps teen girls prepare for life beyond their struggles so they succeed in high school and in life. Re-Creation Retreat is a residential boarding school for troubled teen girls. We keep our admission numbers low in order to offer personalized care and education for each and every girl. To learn more, or to inquire about reserving a spot for your troubled daughter, please contact us at 385-414-8865. We look forward to helping your troubled teen exceed her wildest dreams.