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Risk Embarrassment Rather Than Danger: Advice For Teen Girls

Risk Embarrassment Rather Than Danger: Advice For Teen Girls

Risk Embarrassment Rather Than Danger: Advice For Teen GirlsTeen girls fear being embarrassed, and while being embarrassed is discouraging, it is far better to be embarrassed than to be placed in danger. Teen girls who want to impress their friends and not seem weak or scared will often times place themselves in danger rather than face embarrassment. Learning consequential thinking will help teen girls to realize where their choices will take them in the future, whether it be the immediate future or several years from now.

Risk taking, daring, not being afraid, up for anything type of behavior may make teen girls feel more attractive to teen boys, but their choices will damage themselves and the ones who care about them. An argument teen girls might have against this is that embarrassment is emotional danger, and its harder to heal from than physical danger. However, that’s not entirely true. While embarrassment is emotionally damaging, it isn’t dangerous. Physically being in danger doesn’t occur too teen girls, and while they might joke about it or pretend to understand, they won’t fully comprehend it until its too late to change their choices.

Teen girls who are placed in physical danger due to their choices may suffer from post traumatic stress disorder afterwards. Post traumatic stress disorder can be identified if after three months these symptoms still persist: anxiety, hyper alertness, depression, night terrors, and more. All aspects of  teen girls lives are affected after they have post traumatic stress disorder. Their friendships, academic productivity, extra curricular activities, and relationship with family changes due to their anxiety and other symptoms. Teen girls who would rather place themselves in danger than embarrass themselves don’t realize the full extent of what they are risking. For parents who’s teen girls place themselves in danger, there is help.

Residential treatment centers for teen girls helps them to see the outcomes of their decisions and helps them to choose wiser decisions. Troubled teen girls who attend residential treatment centers end up understanding more and making better decisions that teen girls who don’t. For information on how residential treatment centers can help your troubled teen girls call 385-414-8865.