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Residential Treatment for Troubled Girls in Arizona


Residential treatment for teen girls in arizonaAs a parent, it can be overwhelming to discover that your daughter has been experimenting with adult bevarage and non-medical medications. Perhaps he has started hanging out with a different crowd and you have noticed changes in his appearance, behavior, and spending habits. No matter what you try, he is not responding to your intervention, and you are afraid he is becoming dependent on adult bevarage or non-medical medications. The good news is that therapeutic residential care centers are available to help.

It is possible to handle risky use problems on your own. As a parent, it is your job to lovingly get your rebellious teen back on track. Sometimes, the best way to do that is by seeking help from professionals with a proven record of turning lives around. Residential care centers are comprehensive programs designed to help individuals living in a controlled environment. Even in the most loving homes, girls often struggle with rebellion and the desire to fight against everything parents try. You can make a lasting change in your daughter’s life by choosing the place where he is most likely to thrive.


Re-Creation Retreat believes each troubled teen girl is a unique individual. We respect the contributions they have made and will make in their lives and to their communities. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. We believe strongly in providing a physical environment that is safe, clean, healthy, and oriented to the highest quality of life.

EXPERT staff at re-creation retreat help troubled girls heal and growIMPORTANCE OF THE STAFF AT RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT CENTERS

Girls need a safe harbor where they can build new relationships with authority figures parents can trust.

  • Teachers cultivate a love for learning and help rebellious girls develop an appreciation for the role of a strong education in providing opportunities in life.
  • Mentors work hard to relate to the girls. Staff members take the time to understand each girl’s individual situation. They demonstrate love and forgiveness even while providing needed discipline.
  • Our trained staff helps girls develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

At-risk Girls Find Hope at Re-Creation Retreat

Re-Creation Retreat, a residential center for troubled girls, is best known for its “milieu therapeutic” approach; positive peer culture (principles-driven community practicing accountability and responsibility to self and others), and experiential therapy. We believe that Positive Peer Culture is the best approach for restoring girls. We effectively work with at-risk girls by presenting a solid therapeutic environment in a community-based residential program.

Choice – Accountability – Control

Re-Creation Retreat in Arizona is the best residential care for teen girlsThe best way to describe Re-Creation is to say we are a safe environment where “care”, “trust”, and “service towards others” is the norm. At Re-Creation our students feel safe, know they are cared for and are encouraged and rewarded for serving others. All students are accepted, respected, and given the opportunity to practice the new skills they learn by supporting one another. Our commitment to a highly relational approach to treatment has come from our “strength-based” philosophy. Instead of focusing on bad behavior (what the girls do wrong), we focus on promoting their strengths. We practice “positive peer” relations and promote “community”. Our students receive unconditional acceptance and are rewarded for the promotion of pro-social values.

Our Core Beliefs

Re-Creation Retreat’s approach to treatment is based on our core belief that being a part of positive culture is the best therapeutic environment; positive values and proven principles of “choice”, “accountability” and “control”. Re-Creation offers a clinically sophisticated program (individual and group therapy) supported by a peer culture where “relationships” are at the center of the healing process. Our professional staff and clinical team members are highly accessible to the students, they are greatly involved in every aspect of the student’s program, and our staff is well-coordinated with each other. The great communication at Re-Creation is one of the hallmarks of our program and is vital to our success. therapeutic high school for troubled girls in arizona The Primary Goal at Re-Creation Retreat is to provide a safe, positive environment where each student is able to learn and apply the principles of choice, accountability, and control. Naturally, our students are able to successfully transition back to their homes, schools, and communities with positive and lasting results. The efforts of our staff are totally focused on achieving this primary goal through the consistent application of the components of our program. At Re-Creation Retreat, we have developed a sound program that utilizes a holistic approach with the goal to support the child’s change of behavior. Meaning, they do the work, they make the change, and the results are dramatic. We empower the child to regain order and direction in their lives, as well as foster a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. To help each student build this vital foundation Re-Creation Retreat has developed a comprehensive program centered around three primary objectives.

Do you want to see your daughter thrive in a structured environment focused on developing character and setting a new direction for her life? Re-Creation Retreat for troubled girls can help. Please call us today at (385) 414-8865 or send us an email at admissions@residentialtreatmentforteens.com.