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Residential Treatment Centers for Girls

Is Your Daughter Struggling?
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Residential Treatment Centers for Girls
No Parent wants to see their child struggle.

And when that struggle spirals your daughter out of control,
it can be unbearable to watch. 

Whether it’s sex, illegal activity, behavioral disorders, life-controlling issues, or a combination of them is the grip, it doesn’t matter – they can lead teens down the same destructive path and, in some cases, premature death. You’ve thrown every life ring to save your teen from a challenging future – tough love, new schools, homeschooling, teen counseling – but no success. Your child might have been to boarding schools before with little results.

Residential Treatment Centers for GirlsAre there any options left to change your troubled girl for the better?

Yes, there is still hope. Residential treatment centers for girls can make a difference.  You are not alone if your child has a history of any of these problems. Most public school students in the US develop drinking, smoking, and illegal life-controlling issuess before age 18. One in ten US children is impaired with some form of mental disorder. Chances are, your daughter is probably one of them. You may have noticed her suddenly change her behavior, hang out with the ‘wrong crowd,’ or withdraw from you. She might not be doing well in school or skip classes altogether. Common signs of troubled girls are rebellious attitudes and responses toward parents, teachers, and other authority figures. 

The Difference Between Other Schools and Our Residential Treatment Center for Girls

Many public and private schools don’t know how to handle troubled girls. Behavioral problems often go undetected, and the correction could be misapplied when discovered. A troubled girl might pick up on this and overpower her correctors with physical strength. They might claim that the girl is the source of the problem and expel her from school. Sadly, the real issue is not addressed and continues to follow the child into her future.  This common tragedy in public and boarding schools is no fault of anyone’s own; it simply comes from a lack of training and experience. That’s where residential treatment centers for girls can help. Residential treatment centers for girls like Re-Creation Retreat offer a significant advantage to troubled children when other school methods aren’t effective at correcting them.

Residential Treatment Centers for GirlsBenefits for troubled girls that attend residential treatment centers include: 

  • Teen therapy and counseling
  • Competitive athletics and appealing activities 
  • Excellent individual-paced academic programs that are open year-round 
  • Transferrable credits to college with SAT and ACT assistance 
  • Restored confidence and a sense of purpose in life 
  • Opportunity to learn valuable skills in leadership, discipline, and teamwork 
  • Help from knowledgeable mentors who understand and can relate to your child 

All of these benefits and more are available for students at Re-Creation Retreat. 

Residential Treatment Centers for Girls Help Hurting Families Heal

Problems with troubled girls often stem from a deeper issue. Learning disorders, lack of harmony in the home, family divorces, stressful transitions, traumatic events, and a difficult childhood are all plausible causes that trigger a troubled child’s behaviors in the first place. Often she will turn to something to try to soothe the pain or cover it up. Acceptance in a lawbreaking group or an inappropriate relationship with a guy can make her feel a false sense of self-worth. Life-controlling activities offer a temporary escape from a harsh reality, but the void is still there. Worse, experimenting with such risky endeavors can produce grave consequences for a young teen’s body, mind, and spirit. 

Residential treatment centers for girls are an excellent choice when nothing else seems to be working for your daughter. It can be your first choice! Therapy programs and formulas don’t address the needs of the heart, but the one on one care from a residential treatment center does. 

Re-Creation Retreat

A Residential Treatment Center for Girls

Residential treatment centers for girls
Whether your daughter is struggling with an eating disorder, risky use, emotional trauma, or any other emotional or behavioral issue – we believe that your daughter is able to overcome and emerge as an emotionally intelligent girl who is ready for a second chance. When a teen arrives at Re-Creation Retreat we realize that there is a lot of work to do… she needs to walk through a difficult journey of self-discovery. She needs to be equipped and provided with new tools. She also needs to be loved back to wholeness, and told that “she is able”. Finally, from day one we work toward eventually reunited with her family or to be prepared to enter adulthood as an independent young woman.

Re-Creation Retreat provides solutions to families dealing with troubled teen girls. For more information on our residential treatment centers for girls or to enroll your daughter in our treatment program, call us or complete our inquiry form today. 385-414-8865 

Residential treatment centers for girls

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