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Residential Treatment Centers for Girls | Therapeutic Programs

Residential Treatment Centers for Girls | Therapeutic Programs

boarding school girlsRe-Creation Retreat is a residential treatment center  designed to help troubled girls. Not all residential programs provide the same type of therapeutic treatment. We believe that every girl is unique and different. Because your daughter unique from every other student (different experiences, gifts/talents, emotional maturity level, and problems) she needs a program that will meet her individual needs. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a small, intimate, residential treatment program that specializes in the treatment of girls only. It really does make a difference.

Programs Specifically for Girls

Re-Creation Retreat offers a residential treatment program solely for troubled girls. We are small enough to tailor our program to meet her special needs. We are also able to give her the individual attention to effectively support her academic, social, and emotional development. We believe that when it comes to providing therapeutic and academic services “one size does not fit all”. Girls with special needs need special one-on-one attention. The best residential programs for troubled girls are flexible enough to meet each student right where she is… and design a program that changes with her as she grows more confident, secure, and healthy during treatment. Our residential treatment program was created to form a healing milieu (therapeutic environment) that combines the warmth of a home and the clinical expertise of a residential treatment program. As a result, many students who would otherwise need two or three programs can move through their entire healing process – from treatment to their transition back home or off to college.

Hope and Healing – Emotional and Behavioral Issues

Re-Creation Retreat works with adolescent girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who are struggling with a range of emotional and behavioral issues. By combining the best features of a therapeutic boarding school, a residential treatment facility, and a transition program, we are able to wrap around these girls with care. Our licensed therapists and certified teachers are equipped to help girls struggling with a number of issues, including: • Defiance to parental authority • risky use and addiction • Depression, Bipolar, and Mood Disorders • Anxiety • Grief and Loss • Self Harm and Self-defeating behaviors (Cutting) • Adoption and RAD • ADD and ADHD • School failure and poor performance • Learning disabilities • Low self-esteem • Lack of motivation • Poor peer choices • Identity issues • Sexual promiscuity • Eating disorders If you are a parent of a struggling girl and you are considering a residential treatment center for troubled girls please contact us at (385) 414-8865.