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residential treatment center for girlsRe-Creation Retreat offers offsite activities that impact each girl’s everyday lives upon returning home. We understand the importance of providing engaging and therapeutic experiences to help teen girls on their path to recovery. We have various offsite activities available to the students, highlighting their benefits and the positive impact they can have on their overall well-being. From adventure outings to educational trips, we’ll cover it all to ensure that these girls have the opportunity to grow, learn, and have fun during their recovery journey.

residential treatment center for girlsWhile at Re-Creation Retreat, students can experience and explore the outdoors in various settings and activities.  Students earn these opportunities as incentives through their engagement in their treatment within the program.

Re-Creation Retreat sits on the Utah/Arizona border centrally located between Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim), Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and Lake Powell.

residential treatment center for girls

Our location provides our students with more than just the opportunity to experience the national parks.  We have dozens of local hiking trails, multiple slot canyons, multiple reservoirs (swimming, paddle board, kayaks), high elevation alpine mountain ranges, Christmas Tree gathering, campfires with smores, stargazing, ancient Native American sites, dinosaur fossils/footprints, etc…

Some of our outings have more of an educational focus.  We take students to tour local universities, and attend community speeches or presentations, Native American Museum, local theatre plays, and musical performances.

residential treatment center for girlsSome of our outings become “innings” where we organize board games, crafts, movies, music, snacks, and games. We also have the occasional special outings such as repelling, riding ATVs, movies at the local theatre, and obstacle course races.

We believe that offsite activities play a vital role in the recovery process for struggling teen girls. By providing opportunities for adventure, education, creativity, and skill-building, these activities contribute to the holistic development of our students and empower them to thrive beyond their treatment journey into “real life”. Every experience counts when it comes to helping your teen heal, grow, and embrace a brighter future.