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Re-Creation Retreat Can Provide a Perfect Platform for Your Teen

How Can Re-creation Retreat Provide a Perfect Platform for Your Troubled Teen?

How Can Re-creation Retreat Provide a Perfect Platform for Your Troubled Teen?Children are a gift in anyone’s life and seeing them grow into a young lady is the best gift from any parent. However, things might not turn out the way you think they would. The amount of young teenagers facing issues in their lives is increasing on a daily basis. Due to the amount of pressure they have to face from their parents, siblings, teachers and community teen girls can easily get distracted what the world has to offer. This teenage time period can affect her whole life and reflect on her future. Most of the troubled teens face difficulty in passing with good grades as they are not comfortable with people in their surroundings and hence they are not able to express their emotions or decisions.

Re-Creation Retreat has developed a perfect environment for the girls to get groomed with the help of small size classrooms and teachers who are passionate about their work.

Re-creation Retreat has been helping these girls by providing and ideal platform to learn and grow. We provide a distraction free environment, as we are an all-girls boarding school rather than a co-ed one. With same sex peers, the girls are more comfortable to express their feelings and stand up to their choice.

Benefits of Re-creation Retreat as an all-girls school?

Provide a safe learning environment: Different genders interact and learn differently. By separating each gender, both are focused on learning rather than getting distracted.

Re-creation Retreat is an all girls boarding school that accepts these differences and thus provides a single sex classroom setting that is focused only on teen girls. Our teachers are specialized in what they teach and by tailoring the program according to a girl’s need, troubled girls are able to learn and concentrate more.

Small group classrooms: Unlike traditional schools that have an average classroom size of more than 50 students, Re-Creation Retreat believes in small classroom settings with no more than 25 students per class. By using this small setting, girls are more connected to each other as well as with the teacher. The teachers are also able to pay more attention and that is essential to changing a girl’s inappropriate behavior or attitude. The teachers use discussions, problem solving and role play exercises to build a bond between all the girls. The trust and confidence they gain from this can open their minds to think, make decisions and gain independence.

Decision making, risks and consequences: Boarding schools for girls like Re-Creation Retreat, provide a platform where girls can live alone, do their own work, make decisions, take risks and face any consequences that may come with those decisions. As there is less fear of being ashamed when making decisions, girls are willing to take chances and provide their opinion. Unlike private co-ed schools there is no chance of social risk attached to decision-making at Re-Creation Retreat.

Discover themselves: Re-Creation Retreat provides an opportunity for girls to discover their interests and passions. We do not fix girl’s on what they know, but allow the girls to present their own interest by getting a one-on-one consultation from teachers and doctors. According to many researches, students from an all-girls boarding school are more likely to pursue their masters or doctorate degree compared to students who pass out from a co-ed education system.

Set a role model: According to Marian Wright Edelman, “you cannot be what you can’t see”. An all-girls school provides a perfect environment for girls to develop a role model and follow different opportunities that might not be common. At Re-Creation Retreat, there is no set guideline for students to follow, as girls are free to choose their own line of interest according to their passions and strengths.

Class participation increases in an all-girls school: It is a fact that boys dominate the classroom in a co-ed environment. Boys present themselves as strong and may pass comments on girls on few occasions. This sort of classroom setting restricts a girl’s ability to speak up to their viewpoint. At Re-Creation Retreat, the girls are free to speak up and raise their hands, as there are no boys to comment or discourage them on certain opinions. This confidence helps girls in their college life, where they can stand out from those who were taught in a co-ed system.

No distraction from the opposite gender: As Re-Creation Retreat is a single sex school, the girls can learn and develop without any distraction from the opposite gender. The focus is only on learning rather than boys. When they are not working towards gaining boys attentions, they have more time to spend on extra-curricular activities that help them in their confidence. Apart from all the benefits your child can get from enrolling through Re-Creation Retreat, we pride ourselves in providing more than just classroom education. Through various outdoor and indoor group activities such as hiking, singing and book reading, your girl can become a women you always dream she would be. Learn more about our activities and the way we teach by visiting our website. Or call (385) 414-8865 now.