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Re-Creation Retreat is the Best Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Re-Creation Retreat is the Best Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Growing up, it’s common for children to be pressured by others and get off track from time to time. As a parent, we know that you feel like it is your responsibility to do something about it and make sure your child’s future is well and determined. If you feel like you are in a situation where you feel out of control and have tried every other option, we may be exactly what you are looking for.
Re-Creation Retreat is the Best Boarding School for Troubled Teen GirlsWe at Re-Creation retreat are one of the best boarding schools for troubled teens. However, we are so much more than a boarding school. Our philosophy is based off of the fact that it is one hundred percent possible for girls that have gotten a bit off track to be rehabilitated to an upstanding citizen through unique and innovative ways. We show our girls the good parts of life and take them through situations and programs that are meant to be positive and uplifting. The activities that our residents participate in are in no way boring or standard when it comes to schools for troubled teens.

On the contrary, our troubled girls school is anything but ordinary when it comes to the lifelong lessons that we plant inside your child’s mind through extraordinary, fun activities. So, what makes our troubled girls boarding school so unique and different from others? So many different things. However, some of those things are that we are an extremely small program. Being small in size allows us to concentrate more fully on each and every one of our girls that are in the program. Many other boot camp for troubled teens are large and they are not able to give their residents the special attention and love that we are able to at Re-Creation.

Another thing that makes us so unique is that we focus on the concept of giving back to the community and the world as a positive enforcer for our girls. Along with this, once the girls come a certain way in the program, they are offered the opportunity to take other girls under their wing and teach them the ropes and be a sort of mentor to them. With so many amazing ways that your child can become a better citizen of the world through Re-Creation, why not change their life and enroll them today?

Other schools for troubled teens don’t have these amazing qualities

Re-Creation Retreat is the Best Boarding School for Troubled Teen GirlsMuch of the time that your child will spend here at Re-Creation will be rejuvenating and therapeutic. Much of the activities that they will be able to do here at the retreat are activities that many people enjoy doing on a regular basis and find their passion in them. For example, one major part of our therapeutic program is our horsemanship and equine-assisted therapy that has seen a lot of success in our past girls. There is something about taking care of and riding horses that is not only fun, but also relaxing and rejuvenating.

Riding a horse is also a skill and by learning how to ride a horse, one is able to focus their energy on something positive and creating something good in their spare time. It also gives them something to be proud of and learning how to ride a horse is an accomplishment that the girl’s can look back on for the rest of their lives. Equine-assisted therapy also has a lot to do with building back trust and relationships that your girl may have lost along the way. Being able to take care of their own horse and knowing that that specific horse depends on them and only them to take care of them helps the girls build responsibility and also helps to form a loving relationship with a living being. These powerful, positive emotions are extremely important in the process of therapy and rehabilitation and what is learned inside of the retreat when it comes to horses, will be shown outside of the retreat in their renewed relationships and love for the people around them.

There are so many wonderful, positive character attributes that will be taught at our retreat. One of those, that may be one of the most important ones, is the idea that each and every one of them has an astounding amount of self-worth. One of the biggest problems and the cause for many of the issues that your child may be facing is the fact that they do not believe that they have worth. We want to instill in their minds that they are worth more than the choices and life that they have been living and that they have the capacity to be a great person.

Another characteristic that your girl will develop through our retreat is the ability to feel deep empathy for others and experience real concern for when others are hurt by something or their own action’s. Many of the time, we hear parents concerned that their child does not seem to care about how badly they have hurt them or others. Through this program, you will find that your child will now have a much deeper understand of how what they do affects other people.

Along with equine therapy, we also offer other therapeutic activities that your girl will find extremely enjoyable and rewarding. For instance, gardening is a fun activity that allows your child to create something from nothing. Taking care of their plants and making sure they do not die will teach them responsibility. Also, cooking will be a frequented activity by your girl in our program. Everyone should learn how to cook and being able to put together a great dish out of nothing is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

We hope that you will choose to send your child to our retreat and see how the experience changes their life for the better. We know that your child will appreciate it down the road and your life with your child will be better because of it. Their future is already determined…and it’s a great future, indeed.