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Re-Creation Retreat Helps Increase Life Satisfaction

Is your teen girl struggling to find satisfaction in life?

residential treatment center for girlsRe-Creation Retreat is a source of positive change for teenage girls facing challenges. Starting from a place of dissatisfaction, these girls find support and guidance in our program, leading to a significant increase in their life satisfaction scores. Our affordable and effective approach equips them with confidence and resilience, empowering them for a fresh start in life. We believe in the potential of every girl and are dedicated to creating a safe and empowering space where they can not only overcome challenges but also flourish, embracing a future brimming with possibilities and fulfillment. Re-Creation Retreat is committed to nurturing these girls, helping them discover their inner strength, and guiding them toward a brighter future filled with self-assurance and happiness.

The teen girls start their journey here by filling out a Life Satisfaction Questionnaire. The average score upon their arrival is 42 out of 70, this score indicates their initial dissatisfaction in life. As the girls progress through our program, receiving support and guidance, their outlook on life undergoes a significant positive change. When they are ready to graduate, their new self-reported satisfaction on the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire jumps to 60 out of 70. This transformation illustrates the effectiveness of helping these teen girls overcome and emerge with self-confidence, ready for a second chance. Re-Creation Retreat provides a nurturing space where girls not only find support but also discover the strength within themselves, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying life of happiness.

Re-Creation Retreat offers a transformative experience for girls aged 13-17 dealing with challenges. Our cost-effective program, up to 50% cheaper than typical boarding schools, empowers girls on a path of self-discovery. Through this journey, they overcome troubled behavior, emerging as emotionally intelligent, self-assured individuals, prepared for a fresh start. We guide them towards a profound realization of their value, strengths, and key life principles, focusing on Choice, Accountability, and Control. Our therapeutic center shapes resilient, confident young women.