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Re-Creation Retreat: A Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

Re-Creation Retreat: A Boarding School for Troubled Teen Girls

boarding school for troubled teen girls
Take a journey back to your high school years. For you, things were ideal. You were either the captain of the football team or the head cheerleader. Everything seems to be coming up roses. You have a date to the prom, you’re aspiring to go to the best colleges on a scholarship and your significant other is the envy of the entire school. Fast forward to today. You and your significant other are currently in jobs that you enjoy, you have a daughter, who is about to enter high school and will surely have as good of a time as you had. After that first day, you couldn’t have been more wrong.Your daughter seems to have found something new to complain about every day as you sit down for dinner. At first you dismissed it as typical teenage angst, however, as time progressed, you noticed that her grades had been slipping, her clothing has changed from her cheery light wardrobe to dark colors with provocative skirt lengths. When you would confront your daughter about this change, instead of being the listening and giving you a reasonable explanation, she snaps back at you disrespectfully. She has started to disregard the more than generous curfew you have set and she’s abandoned her old, well-behaved friends in exchange for a group of new and often troubled friends that start becoming part of your daughter’s life. The number of times that she has vanished for days on end seem to number the days you send her to school and it has gotten to the point where you have given up. That is until one fateful night when the police arrive at your home, holding your daughter by the arm. That pivotal moment can have one of two results: you can either let your daughter continue down this road of destruction or you can enroll her here, at Re Creation Retreat, a boarding school for troubled teen girls.

Re-Creation Retreat: Redefining the Residential Treatment for Girls in

boarding school for troubled teen girlsAt Re-Creation Retreat, we will never call your daughter a “troubled girl”. This label is one of many that young ladies and women will pick up in their lifetime. These labels often harbor negative feelings and will oftentimes shatter a young lady’s image of herself. This label is often used to dismiss the larger problem that the child may be facing. Because of dysfunctional communities in her life, this daughter may end up doing some of the actions that were described in the previous paragraph. We strongly believe that our students should not be judged by the life choices or behaviors that they displayed to be given the label “troubled girl” rather, they should be judged like every other person; by their worth and value. All adults have been known to make mistakes from time to time, most of them are minor. Do others often pass judgement and give you a label based on these behaviors? Even if they were major life changing events, do they pass judgement as immediately as those who deem these girls as troubled? Click here to read further about the typical “troubled girl” profile.

Re-Creation Retreat: School for Troubled Teens

boarding school for troubled teen girlsWhenever parents look for a school for troubled teens, they often assume that it is the daughter’s actions that need to be corrected. At Re-Creation Retreat, we make sure that it is why the actions or behaviors were performed opposed to what actions were performed to cause the trouble. This proactive approach is what makes us stand out from a lot of the other schools for troubled teens. We understand that teens function based off social groups. Each group has nothing to really do with one another except for the fact that she is in them. Groups such as friends, family, work, school, and even extracurricular activities are great examples on how they are socially interwoven with others. However, when one of those groups has a negative entity, the others tend to have a chain reaction, setting each group into a negative tailspin. This would include other members of the groups as well, which in turn can create more girls with behavioral problems. When we take your daughter into our program, we take a community approach. Each of the girls who come to Re-Creation Retreat has been given the “troubled girl” label. One of our stronger beliefs is that each of the girls that attend our school for troubled teens should be placed in a positive environment. This is where our community comes into play. By combining positive group therapy as well as a traditional therapeutic approach our program is one of the best that you can find. Our resident community serves a few purposes. The first is for your daughter and the other students to have a safe haven, where they can discover themselves as well how their choices can impact others. The second is to create new positive social groups in which your daughter can interact. By interacting daily with our staff and community members, this tests lessons that were taught during therapy sessions. The last and most important, your daughter will learn how to give back to the community and team, which will lead her to take these lessons outside of the retreat. Learn more about our group therapy methods by clicking the link on the left.

Re-Creation Retreat Residential Treatment for Girls in: Parent Coachingboarding school for troubled teen girls

Imagine if your daughter awoke in the middle of the night sick. You’ve tried everything you could think of: various medicines and calls to family. It is then when you realize that you need to enlist in the help of a doctor to help cure your child. This is similar to asking for our aid with your daughter’s emotional well-being. We want our therapy to help your little girl like antibiotics, giving her the abilities to fend off future upsets by learning new techniques on how to handle situations. The transition between living at Re-Creation Retreat troubled girls boarding school and the return home can be daunting for your family because as time passed, you have all gotten used to your daughter’s absence. With our Parent Coaching Program, we are hoping we can help keep the transitional stresses to a minimum. Visit our website to learn more about our Parent Coaching Program.