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Premarital Sex and Teen Girls

Premarital Sex and Teen Girls

residential treatment center for teensTeen girls who feel inadequate, imperfect and unappreciated are more likely to seek out comfort in premarital sex. But those teen girls who have a life filled with relationships, family traditions, activities, interests and receive consistent love and affirmation are less likely to engage in a desperate search for fulfillment that could lead to unwise premarital sex.

Be aware of these specific risk factors for premarital sex and Teen Girls:

  • Intoxication clouds judgment and weakens resistance to promiscuity.
  • A steady boyfriend is another factor that can lead to premarital sex. A strong feeling of exclusivity invite nature to take its course, especially when physical attraction becomes physical expression begins early in a relationship, especially when the boy is two or three years older than the girl. If a teen romance appears to be getting hot and heavy with excessive physical contact, you will need to approach both boy and girl diplomatically but candidly about the physical course they have set into motion.
  • Little parental monitoring, leaving adolescents alone for hours at a time and not requiring accountability is a setup for premarital sex.
  • If a parent’s belief that premarital sex is appropriate and inevitable, or if you think premarital sex is okay, your teen daughter will too and will most likely act on that belief.
  • Poor school performance will have an affect on your teen girls perception of premarital sex. While school performance is affected by an assortment of factors, a basic desire to do well in school reflects on a more hopeful outlook towards the future and will bring about an inclination to shun immediate gratification for long-term goals. Teen sex, in contrast, usually reflects ignorance of or little regard for the many consequences associated with premarital sex.

If your daughter is caught up in promiscuity or premarital sex, please call Re-Creation Retreat immediately. We have served hundreds of families in your same predicament and we are here to serve you and your struggling daughter.  Call one of our family advocates at 385-414-8865 for further assistance.