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Open Positions: Youth Coach

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Reports to: Shift Leader on duty
Department: Residential
Time/Status: Fulltime/ Part-time
Benefits: Yes (Paid Vacation Leave and Paid Sick Time)


Youth Coaches keep students safe by helping the students follow the structure, supporting residents’ therapeutic goals and treatment plan, providing residential support and supervision of the students’ daily activities.

  1. To be punctual, work assigned shift
  2. Account for the whereabouts and safety of all students assigned to you.
  3. Give “reminders” & “opportunities,” and positive points
  4. To assist & support group teachers: logging group information, assigning points, supervising students while teacher is providing instruction.
  5. Create and record daily notes in Best Notes for each assigned student before the end of shift.
  6. Model appropriate behavior
  7. Ensure students and leaders understand, and are completing assigned responsibilities.
  8. Assist with intake and orientation of new students as requested by Shift Leader
  9. Provide mentoring for students assigned
  10. Supervise weekly phone calls with parents/family on contact list
  11. Lead groups as needed (Life skills, Leadership and educational classes/as assigned & qualified)
  12. Take community/service/outing groups as assigned (and as qualified)
  13. Ensure clients/residents/students rights are protected as per treatment plan
  14. Assist in the self-administration of medication, as per training.
  15. Report to the Shift Leader with any concerns regarding student safety.
  16. Supervise chores
  17. Photocopy student related materials (consequences etc), and update store logs as needed
  18. Monitor students in the kitchen (assist with snack & meal preparation as needed)
  19. Fulfill Shift Leader/Admin Assignments

  1. High School Certificate or GED
  2. Demonstrated ability to work with youth and to hold personal boundaries with integrity
  3. Desire to work on self-improvement
  4. Pass and maintain background clearances and screenings including, but not limited to: tb screening, positive control systems certification, criminal history affidavit, fingerprint clearance and all other new employee requirements (see new hire paperwork).

Physical Requirements:
  • Job involves keeping up with active teens and the ability to go from a stationary to fast moving position quickly.
  • Ability to physically use an emergency safety response.
  • To observe computer screens, communicate verbally and through writing.

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