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Open Positions: Maintenance

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Position: Maintenance
Reports to: CEO/Administrator
Department: Maintenance
Time status & Classification: Full time/Part time, non-exempt
Benefits: Paid Leave & Paid Sick Time as per RCR policy


The Maintenance takes care of all building interiors and exteriors, all RCR vehicles, the campus lawns and grounds, and any storage space, tools & equipment used for this purpose. The MM’s primary responsibility is to ensure that RCR’s physical campus is well maintained and compliant with safety standards per policy and procedure regarding maintenance-related Emergency & Safety Standards, Environmental and Physical Plant Standards.

Spring and Summer priorities:
    1. Weekly walk the grounds to be aware of ground keeping priorities
    2. Weed-whack/mow the front strip/ maintain RCR’s entrance
    3. Weekly mow 3 lawns, fertilize, providing lawn care
    4. Oversee plant care, weed-killing and spraying
    5. Garden sprinkler systems maintenance
    6. Oversee building & fence exterior painting/maintenance
    7. Oversee pest control
    8. Ensure Fire Safety Inspection is completed by City Inspector
    9. Ensure interior fire sprinklers & smoke detectors inspected, maintained, and replaced as needed, and fire extinguishers & suppression system inspected on schedule.
    10. Interior plumbing and emergency maintenance as needed

Fall & Winter priorities:
    1. Winterize outdoors sprinkler system
    2. Check all water pipes insulated (check roof sprinkler pipes insulated in Main Building) 
    3. Check lines to the water heater in Rec Building and exterior tap
    4. Ensure weather-proofing the exterior of all buildings (guttering, weather strips, gaps) 
    5. Work on building interior improvements updates and maintenance
    6. Walk the grounds once a week/ oversee trash pick-up on front strip & grounds
    7. Winterize lawn mower, clean out filter prior to storage

Year Round
    1. RCR Vehicle maintenance: Every 4-6 months ensure RCR Fleet Vehicles have oil & filters changed, fluids checked, tires rotated & aligned, tire pressure checked every 4-6 months as per use and schedule. Vehicles are to be filled with gas weekly and deep-cleaned monthly (more per use). MM works with the front office to ensure the appropriate stickers, insurance, and documentation is in the vehicles, and works with the assigned Administrator to ensure the appropriate emergency supplies are maintained in the vehicles.
    2. RCR AC Filter checks: Every quarter check and replace as needed (south side requires more changes than northside rooms)
    3. RCR Smoke Detectors: Check every quarter, change batteries as needed
    4. Pest Control: Oversee our Pest control Service, ensuring they meet our needs
    5. Building paper towel Dispensers: check working (change batteries as needed)
    6. Order & change Center building water filter as per a quarterly maintenance schedule
    7. Equipment & storage space maintenance: Maintain a well-organized work space/s where tools and equipment are kept, easily accessed and locked away when not in use
    8. Provide Admin with a monthly maintenance report, first of the month for the month prior, to include improvements, maintenance, issues & resolutions, and expenditure for the past month (receipts handed in to front office/ financial report for maintenance requested from the front office to include with the monthly report)

  1. Demonstrated handyman abilities and at least one year of previous experience in building/grounds maintenance
  2. Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively
  3. Demonstrated ability to generate accurate monthly reports
  4. Demonstrated organization skills and conscientious tracking of maintenance items to ensure P & P compliance
  5. Fulfill all RCR job trainings required by an RCR non-behavioral health employee

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