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Nutrition for Teenage Girls

Nutrition for Teenage Girls

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Adolescence is a vitally important time for growing teenage girls, so incorporating a healthy dietary plan into a balance daily regimen can optimize key functioning of body and mind.  Nutritional deficiencies can keep young females from reaching their full height, affects their bone development, and can even impair fertility.  Teenage girls are also particularly sensitive to peer pressure and negative images from the media, so it is not uncommon for eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia to become problems.  Parents concerned with their daughters’ nutrition can learn more by calling 385-414-8865.

The first step in helping teenage girls become healthier is by making an evaluation and informed assessment of their eating habits, caloric intake, exercise routine (or lack thereof), and any areas of life effected by nutrition.  Having them understand what makes up a healthy lifestyle is also integral in making lasting change, because knowledge leads to sensibility and confidence in making the right eating choices. A balanced diet with daily input from all of the food groups provides the correct proportion of essential and beneficial nutrients, but there are a few areas that teenage girls should play close attention to.

Essential Nutrients for Teenage Girls:

Calcium- during adolescence, calcium helps to build strong bones, so teenage girls require adequate amounts as a preventative measure against osteoporosis in the future.  Dark leafy sources are rich with calcium, like kale, spinach, broccoli, and other greens, as well as natural dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. Iron- teenage girls have an increased need for iron due to the changes happening within the body resulting from becoming women, so if they are experiencing fatigue, weakness, or decreased immunity, the cause may be an iron deficiency or anemia. Zinc- maintaining a healthy immune system boosts all areas of life, and zinc helps with this as well as sexual development in teenage girls.  Good sources of zinc are chicken, fish, lean red meats, seeds and nuts.

Re-Creation Retreat:  Helping Teenage Girls with Nutritionschools for troubled teen girls

If nutrition has become a struggle for teenage girls and they are suffering from health issues (obesity, low immunity, etc.) or psychological problems (eating disorders, low self-esteem, etc.) resulting from bad eating habits or neglect, Re-Creation Retreat may be the solution you’ve been looking for.  Call 385-414-8865 for a free consultation.