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Myths about Boarding Schools for Troubled Teen Girls

Myths about Boarding Schools for Troubled Teen Girls

Four Benefits an All Girls’ School for Troubled Teens Has Over Co-Ed FacilitiesSometimes, as a parent, you may look at your teenage daughter and have no idea what is going on. Actually, you may do this a lot; but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent, or that your daughter is a bad child. The world is big, growing up is hard, and everyone is different. Mix these together, and you and your child have quite a bit to face together. You may have also considered finding a boarding school for troubled teen girls to possibly help your daughter with their academics, but have balked given their reputation. At Re-Creation Retreat, we strive to provide high quality education in a safe, encouraging environment.

The Benefits of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

There are numerous myths surrounding boarding schools. Some see it as admitting defeat with a troubled teen, while others believe it to be an over-priced, glorified public school. Others still believe their neighbors will simply trying to get their child out of their hair, or that their child will be forced to grow up too fast. What boarding school really is, however, is recognizing that your child is a unique person who has unique needs. Schools are often built to be “one-size fits all,” but in practice this model simply doesn’t work. Boarding schools provide four big advantages:

  • High Quality Teachers – Teachers at public schools are more or less a grab bag. A few are great, most are good, and some are terrible. At a boarding school, however, teachers are passionate about their subject and love teaching.
  • Small Classrooms – Barring a few exceptions, boarding schools have a significantly smaller student body. This means your child will receive the individualized attention they need to succeed.
  • A Sense of Community – Public schools promote friendships, but generally only between a few students or clubs at a time. Boarding schools promote friendships on a larger scale by providing equal footing for all students, and by offering unique programs not regularly found in public schools. Trips abroad and strong community projects help foster a warm and inviting community for students.
  • An Atmosphere that Promotes Personal Growth – In today’s world, parents often feel the need to helicopter; be parents that closely monitor their child’s actions. Though wanting to know what your child is doing, and where, is a normal concern for parents, helicopter parents tend to be overbearing. This can actually inhibit your daughter’s growth by making her feel suffocated. A boarding school for troubled teen girls, however, will provide them with the chance to learn how to be independent before they are completely on their own. This also makes the transition to college easier for many students.

At Re-Creation Retreat, however, we are specifically a troubled girls boarding school. We not only provide the above benefits, but four unique to us:

  • girl_holding_report_cardA Quality, Practical Education – Our curriculum is made with our students in mind. So while our approach may be a bit different, it’s because we strive to work one on one with our students in order to assess their needs and create a program that works best for them. This means they are able to become productive members of society in their own time. Our curriculum also uses state of the art equipment that reflects what they will be using once they depart from our school. We are not restricted by the limitations found in typical educational situations, as we do not need to prepare our students for the testing public schools must. Our education is also practical; they’ll learn skills they can use in life, not just for a test. We also offer financial support to ensure every child gets the education they need.
  • Structure – Youth often struggle when they do not have a structure to follow that they both trust and understand. Though this can be stressful, it helps prepare them for the workforce and helps reduce distractions.
  • Support for Every Child – Troubled teens are often left behind in the public school system, especially once they are dubbed “unteachable” or without a future. Untrained teachers often do not know how to handle troubled teens, which is unfair to both the educator and the student. Growing up is tough; students who require additional assistance to blossom should not be punished for this. At our boarding school for troubled teen girls, we ensure each child has access to high quality teachers and therapists.
  • A Therapeutic Program – We offer a positive peer culture and traditional therapy by experienced professionals. We believe that a healthy community is key for emotional growth and maturity, and so have tailored our boarding school to offer just that.

Re-Creation Retreat is a residential treatment center and private therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls. It is known for its commitment to provide individualized care to struggling girls and their concerned families. Residents in the program receive individual support and care. Re-Creation Retreat is a behavioral health agency in Arizona. Individualized treatment is provided by caring professionals; building strong therapeutic relationships by people who truly care. A foundation is built upon the real-life principles of care, trust, and service toward others. It is truly unique, set apart from the traditional residential treatment centers for girls. For professional counsel, coaching, and guidance please in regard to this program and how it can help your troubled girl, please inquire online or call (928) 379-5508 to speak with our Admissions Director.