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How to Motivate Your Teenage Daughter

How to Deal with Lack of Motivation in Your Teenage Daughter

boarding schools for troubled teen girlsDoes your teenage daughter appear to be lazy and and does she lack motivation? Does she sleep a lot, get up late, refuse to do chores, spend hours texting on her phone or Internet? Does she refuse to leave her room and decline invitations to participate in family activities? You can take comfort in the fact that all teens go through hormonal, emotional and physical changes that may cause moodiness, sleepiness, lack of motivation and a need to be isolated. Although the laziness may be a normal part of growing up, it is important for you to investigate the reasons for your daughter’s lack of motivation in order to understand what is happening and to correct the problem.

Here are Some Helpful Hints to Assist with the Motivation Your Teenage Daughter

Talk to your teenage daughter about her lack of motivation. Help to explain to her your point of view of what her behavior looks like. Give her the opportunity to explain why she is unmotivated or uncooperative. Talk over the ways in which her lack of motivation might thwart her from realizing her goals, both short term and long term. Ask her if she is having any problems at school or with friends. Ask if she needs your help with anything. Sometimes there may be a medical answer to her lack of motivation. Take your daughter to see a doctor to find out if there might be a medical issue for her appeared laziness. Low energy and sleepiness could be caused by a medical condition. A complete physical examination with blood tests can rule out medical issues, risky use, dietary deficits and medication issues. Your doctor may refer you to a mental health professional, as depression may be a cause to her lack of motivation.

As parents, you may sometimes assume your depressed teenage daughter is lazy or that her lack of energy is a defiance she can just shake off. A few questions from your doctor could help determine if your daughter needs mental health services. Praise may be just what your teen needs. Words of affirmation and encouragement may help even if depression is present. Poor self-image and low self-esteem can prevent a teen girl from trying new things and may make it difficult for her to believe she can succeed at anything. Avoiding shame and ridicule and using praise to motivate your daughter will help her to feel better about herself. Getting your daughter involved in physical activities may also help to motivate her.

Teen girls spend many hours using computers and cell phones, listening to music and watching TV. Let your daughter choose her own physical activity, but assert that she take part in the activity regularly. Once she starts she will enjoy the many mental and physical benefits of exercise and will eventually participate on her own without your insistence. Volunteering is a great way for teens to get motivated. Sometime teens forget how satisfying it can be to help others. Volunteering can improve social skills, improve self-worth and help to fight depression. Volunteering can help your daughter remain physically active while building her confidence and her connection to her community.

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