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Helping Restore Families Through Parent Coaching and Aftercare

Helping Restore Families Through Parent Coaching and Aftercare

Helping Restore Families Through Parent Coaching and AftercareAt Re-Creation Retreat we offer an outstanding parent coaching program that is integrated into the treatment plan of each student as she enters the program. Our belief is that we treat the child and her family as one unit, and thereby increase the possibility of complete family restoration. We help families thrive through a process of parent coaching.

Parent coaching is a therapeutic mentoring approach for families. As each child is being helped through treatment we also support parents through a coaching process. As parent coaches, our goal is to set up support system which involves the entire family from day one. If the child is helped alone without the parents understanding what the child has been through than this is a setup for failure. Because of our experience working with troubled teens and their families we know what works. Therefore, we offer parent coaching as a practical support that actually works. Parents are learning right alongside their daughter. From the very beginning of the treatment we plan for the student’s eventual return home. There is a great deal of information and therapy to cover, so if there is going to be continuing success after graduation from any program the family’s involvement is crucial.

Preparing the Family and the Student for the Eventual Return Home

In the treatment of the child and family we prepare everyone to effectively deal with the inevitable struggles that will come. We prepare the family to deal with problems as they arise, and hope to head off any issues before they arise. Every problem that comes up is an opportunity for the family to work together as a whole. By the time the child returns home there will be a completely different family system in place. Our parent coaching program involves therapeutic intervention for the whole family. We work directly with the parents during their daughter’s entire enrollment. We also provide support after the child returns home through the aftercare program. The goal in all of this is for long term success, therefore our staff is committed to the family long after the daughter has graduated and returned home.

Re-Creation Retreat provides Transition and Aftercare Services to our students and families. We believe that when faced with critical transitions such as returning home, the whole family must work together to support each other through the crucial times. For further information regarding the parent coaching, aftercare and family intervention, please call one of our family advocates at 385-414-8865.