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Healthy Habits for Teen Girls

Life Would Have Been Better Without Addiction

residential treatment centerA well-missioned life full of happiness and excitement gets completely changed when addiction enters. Addiction is a social scar that is hard to erase, but at the same time, we can not deny its harmful repercussions on life and on a family. An addiction-free life is a choice and so an addiction life is. Hence if the person has no control over himself or herself and craves more abusive substances or harmful habits, then this addiction is highly dreadful. Though with a lot of awareness programs and advertisements we all are being informed about the harmfulness of addiction, but talking about a permanent root out has always been a debatable matter.

Excessive drinking, chain-smoking, unhindered porn watching, video gaming are some activities that people feel amused to adopt in their lives. When a limited indulgence is liberating, overindulgence may make the person weaker and unhealthy.

The catalytic reasons behind an addiction: Not everyone is ignorant, a lot of people understand the fact that addiction is not at all a welcoming habit, but they hardly can control themselves to stay away from their addictions. When a habit starts as a one-day enjoyment and becomes an uncontrollable addiction, then seeking experts is the only option left.

Here are a few reasons mentioned that motivates a non-addict to become an addict:

  • Facing mental illness: Mental sickness is no more a big terminology in contemporary situations.
  • Exam worries, career tension, family problems, breakup sadness, traumatic history, etc. are the factors that make a teen stressed, depressed, and mentally unfit. In such a situation, addiction is the easiest way to escape, which is incorrect. We need to train our kids to face the hustles of life rather than running away from them.
  • Surrounding matters a lot: You must keep an eye on your teens’ surroundings too. As teenagers are the age to learn a lot of new things, then make sure they stay in good companies, where they can learn good habits, not bad habits. Most of the teens commit serious mistakes in the grips of addiction in a group of friends, which may be a big risk going forward.

Our Residential Treatment Center’s Approach to Helping Your Teen

Re-Creation Retreat offers a very unique residential treatment center program for struggling girls. What makes us unique? First, compared to most programs for teen girls we are a very small program, and we are far more affordable. Our students get one-on-one therapeutic support from our professional staff and clinicians. The extra time with the therapists and counselors that we can offer makes all the difference.

Secondly, our residential treatment center utilizes a positive peer culture approach with the trademark of “principle-based treatment.” Most programs for troubled girls use behavior modification combined with therapy. At Re-Creation residential treatment center in Arizona we use a real-world approach, tapping into the power of positive relationships that thrive in a positive culture. We combine clinical therapy with positive peer assistance, creating incredible results that are long-lasting.

Do you want to see your daughter thrive in a structured environment focused on developing character and setting a new direction for her life? Our residential treatment center for troubled girls can help. Please call us today at (385) 414-8865 or send us an email at admissions@residentialtreatmentforteens.com.