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Hannah Francis-Miller

Hannah Francis-Miller

Program Director

residential treatment center for girlsHannah joined the Re-Creation Retreat Team in September of 2017. She was hired on as a Program Leader, running the day-to-day milieu for 3 years. In March of 2021, she was offered a promotion as the Program Director and has been fulfilling the duties of that role since.

Hannah and her family were residing in Orlando, Florida, where at that time she was working on her bachelor’s for Marriage and family studies. She was also working for Walt Disney World and eventually transferred to Universal Studios, where her husband and her worked together. In August of 2017, Hannah and her family moved from Orlando, Florida to work for Re-Creation Retreat in Fredonia, Arizona, to fulfill a passion and dream of hers.

Hannah has loved to dance since the age of 3 and it was a huge passion of hers throughout the years. She was a dancer most of her life and loved to teach others as a way to share that passion with those around her. She recognized that Dance was therapeutic for her and has been a great coping mechanism throughout her life. She felt that dance was something that was needed at Re-Creation Retreat and could bring a lot of value to the students here. Hannah started the Dance Program and taught for the first couple of years but continued working on ways to improve the Program. She went to Redrock Dance, in Kanab Utah, and talked with Jenna Corry (Owner of Redrock Dance) about partnering with Re-Creation Retreat, to improve and build the Dance Program so our students could have more opportunities to learn more dances, learn different styles of dance, learn technique, and more opportunities to perform in the community. Redrock Dance comes and teaches two times a week, with two different teachers and different styles of dance. Hannah oversees the Dance Program and the Choir Program and is always looking for ways to improve it and make it fun for our students.