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Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd

Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd: What Is a Parent To Do

residential treatment center for girls
Teens who don’t feel socially accepted are willing to be accepted by any group, including the wrong crowd, they can find. The most accepting group in teenage society is the wrong crowd, labeled as the troubled youth. Once the teen is accepted by this group, they don’t want to be rejected, so they agree to comply with the negative behaviors of this crowd. Teen girls who are accepted into this group are exposed to sexual activity, non-medical medication, criminal activities, and other negative behaviors. These behaviors go against the morals of teen girls, but the feeling of being accepted pressures the teen girls to give in to the negative influences and allow their mindsets to change so they remain accepted.

The fear of rejection is a powerful thing. While a parent can tell teen girls how much they love them and they are accepted at home, it does not help change the acceptance issues they have. While teen girls do want acceptance from parents, they want friends. And sometimes to show they are their own person, they will hang out with the wrong crowd to show their individuality, trying to prove they don’t rely on their parents to show them who they are. This is a dangerous line to walk as a parent, and Re-Creation Retreat can help parents navigate this difficult time.

Negative Behaviors can Develop and Rub Off of Others

Teen girls who hang out with the wrong crowd will do negative behaviors even though they know its wrong. The feeling of fitting in feels wonderful, and they don’t want to risk losing that feeling forever. While parents know that they won’t feel rejected for forever, it is still a fear that needs to be acknowledged and validated. All fears, whether rational or irrational, need to be validated before they can diminish in intensity.

residential treatment center for girls

Re-Creation Retreat helps validate the fears of teen girls and help them work through their fears in a healthy, positive way, and help rebuild the relationship between teen girls and their families. For information on how Re-Creation Retreat can help teen girls call 385-414-8865.