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Group Homes for Troubled Girls

Group Homes for Troubled Girls

iStock_000001708537XSmallGroup homes for troubled girls are usually “home-style” residential treatment programs designed to integrate therapeutic intervention and academic instruction with a “life skills development.” Through a group home setting troubled girls receive a holistic therapeutic experience that covers emotional, behavioral, academic, and social issues.

The best group homes for troubled girls are therapeutic environments set up in a home-style setting.  The difference between a therapeutic boarding school residential treatment center and a group home is the fact that group homes are much smaller (less students).

Group homes traditionally are not “institutions” or “facilities“, and they provide treatment in a quaint family environment.

The top group homes are staffed by professional people such as therapists, risky use counselors, and certified teachers.  Supervision is provided 24 hours per day, and provided by quality “life coaches” who have been trained to provide direct care for the students while supporting the treatment team who is led by clinical director.

Group homes for troubled girls typically provide individual and group therapy, milieu therapy, and addictions counseling, and other related specialty groups (adoption, divorce, self-harm, self-defeating behaviors, grief and loss, eating disorders).  The unique setting of a group home allows for the development of life skills (chores, cooking, housekeeping, shopping, etc.).

Re-Creation Retreat is a therapeutic boarding school that is very close to a group home in the fact that Re-Creation is small and provides a homey environment.  We are staffed with professional people (clinical director, therapists, risky use counselor, certified teachers, etc.) who act as family.