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Girls Boarding Schools: A Better Alternative

Girls Boarding Schools: A Better Alternative

Boarding schools for girlsBoarding schools for girls are one of the many alternative solutions available to your troubled daughter today. These privately owned facilities help teen girls deal with and overcome a broad spectrum of problematic behaviors. Re-Creation Retreat is one such school where parents and counselors help troubled girls address their specific needs including low self-esteem, disrespect, anger management and defiance of authority. An all-girls boarding school provides individualized attention combined with emotional and scholastic support. At Re-Creation Retreat, we place emphasis on peer relationships and have built our program around helping the girls be more responsible for themselves as well as for others. Our high-quality education program readies each girl for higher education while giving her the confidence she needs to see a brighter future for herself.

Why Boarding Schools for Girls are a Viable Option for your Troubled Daughter

Boarding schools for girlsTaking a troubled teen girl out of the environment in which the problematic behaviors began is the first and most important step. It is not an easy one for anyone, but girls’ boarding schools such as ours employ counselors that can help parents and teens acclimate to the change. The counselors help your daughter see the self-destructive and foolish nature of her behavior. Together with caring parents and knowledgeable teachers, these counselors are able to direct your daughter away from these behaviors to build her confidence and steer her onto a path toward success in reaching her long-term goals. Keep in mind this process takes time. Your daughter’s cooperation and success will not happen overnight. The good news is, Re-Creation Retreat has a proven success rate, with many troubled teen girls and their parents thrilled with the outcome of their stay with us. We are an alternative boarding school for girls offering not just training and guidance for its students, but also training and support for parents as well. Our goal at Re-Creation Retreat is to offer the most successful and comprehensive resource for troubled girls and their parents.

Learning in a Traditional School Setting

Sometimes, there are girls that just will not thrive in a traditional education system. At-risk teen girls, troubled girls, girls struggling with non-medical medication or adult bevarage addiction, girls with learning difficulties, girls with behavioral, emotional or mental issues: these are all children that often fail in the standardized learning environment provided by traditional schools. The reason this is is because traditional school teachers simply do not have the time or resources to go above and beyond to help the students who are having a harder time learning their lessons. They instead are encouraged to focus on the greater good of the entire class, which could be as many as 30 students in a single class. Unfortunately for troubled teen girls, the traditional school system is designed to educate the masses where the majority of the students are academically average. What this leads to for girls who struggle to keep up is a consistent failure in grades, self-esteem and ultimately life. The system simply is not designed to cater to these girls’ needs to help them succeed.

Learning at an All-Girls School like Re-Creation Retreat

Boarding schools for girlsEvery parent hopes for the best for their child. They want to see them succeed and prosper in all areas of life. This is why they spare no expense when it comes to giving their children the best education possible. For troubled girls struggling with addiction, behavior problems and/or emotional and mental issues, it takes an even greater effort to ensure a proper and helpful education. The teachers and parents need to work together to ensure the girls learn their lessons and get the help they need to overcome their obstacles. This is why an all-girls boarding school like Re-Creation Retreat exists. Contrary to traditional schools, boarding schools for girls offer specialized programs designed to help them learn responsibility and become better individuals – all while getting a quality education. Class sizes are small to allow for highly individualized instruction. This allows the student to work at a comfortable pace and encourages mentoring that builds close student-teacher relationships. The teachers at our facility are specially trained to address the unique needs of troubled teen girls. In addition to regular classes, Re-Creation Retreat also offers a host of after school programs and activities designed to enhance or supplement a girl’s learning and development during her stay. We encourage them to explore positive avenues and encourage new interests for our students.

A Better Experience for a Better Life

An all-girls boarding school like ours actually offers a better education than the traditional learning environment, as well as individualized therapeutic support to help troubled girls overcome obstacles that stand in the way of their success. Whether they struggle with non-medical medication or adult bevarage addiction, learning difficulties, anger management issues or more, Re-Creation Retreat has a proven program that works. Achieving success in today’s world is difficult for our youth. So many distractions exist that take away from a positive direction in life. Rather than watching your troubled teen girl struggle to stay afloat in a sea of generalities designed to attend to the masses and not the individualized needs of each person, contact us today for help. We know placing your daughter in a boarding school for girls is a tough decision, but we are sure you will be glad you did when you see how happy and positive she becomes once she receives the care and treatment she needs.