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Four Benefits of an All Girls School for Troubled Teens

Four Benefits an All Girls’ School for Troubled Teens Has Over Co-Ed Facilities

all girls’ school for troubled teensWhen considering a boarding school for your troubled daughter, it might seem odd to see the option for an all girls’ school. It’s not all that common these days, especially for troubled teens, but here at Re-Creation Retreat, we know that sometimes a teenager needs a little extra help. With an all girls’ school, your daughter will thrive in the way that she needs, without you having to worry about here too much. Check out the four major benefits an all girls’ school for troubled teens has over co-ed facilities.

No Boys!

The first and most obvious benefit is that there are no boys, which limits heterosexual relationships and limits dependence upon each other’s social circle. Without a boyfriend to always be with, your daughter will be able to reach out on her own and create her own social circle, and avoid the relationship drama that seems to always be around in high schools. Without the overbearing need for a relationship that is not always healthy, your daughter will be able to properly refocus on what matters in her life, and what she wants to do.

More Social Networking

With your daughter surrounded by other teenagers like her, she’ll be able to reach out and recreate her social circles to something stronger. She won’t have to rely on the social circle created by a relationship, and she’ll be able to branch out more than before. With a wide variety of classmates going through what she is, she’ll be able to create bonds with them, and to have a wider group of friends. She’ll find a safe place where she belongs, and won’t have to worry about not being understood. Many of the friends she’ll make will last her entire life, and having friends to turn to is essential at this age.

More Opportunities

Without men around, there’s less of a chance for girls to think their options are limited. Science subjects are no longer considered “male subjects,” and male-dominated careers are an option again. It’s an unfortunate reality that even though we are reaching for total equality, there is some careers that are considered a man’s career. Having a lack of boys around will allow the girls to learn their favorite subject, whether or not it’s male dominated. With an all girls’ school, women are more likely to continue on with their dream of a science related job, and are able to make their place in the world.

Role Models

Four Benefits an All Girls’ School for Troubled Teens Has Over Co-Ed FacilitiesFinally, an all girls’ school allows the girls to find role models among themselves, and among their teachers. With teachers that know exactly what they’re going through, and are able to give them more attention, girls can rely on better role models. There are more women and girls like them that are worth looking up to, rather than the friend of a friend of an ex-boyfriend that gets into all the bad things. With enough time to adjust, a girl can grow up to be whatever she wants to be, and will be able to take what she learned from her role models into the real world.

Why Choose Re-Creation?

When it comes to actually choosing an all girls’ school, there are plenty of options. Why make Re-Creation your choice? We’re one of the best all girls’ school for troubled teens in the country, and we focus hard on being there for the students. We provide both regular and extracurricular coursework that allows the student to discover what she truly loves. All of our teachers are there for her, whether she needs homework help or someone to talk to. We provide excellent teaching methods and a rigid structure that both gives them the freedom to do as they please, but the ability to still follow a schedule.

Finding a school for your troubled teen can be incredibly difficult. You worry about whether she’ll fit in, whether she’ll manage in the new place, and whether she’ll like it. When you need the best in both kindness and education, Re-Creation is the place to go. Click here to learn more about our admittance policy, or call us today to see whether your daughter could benefit from Re-Creation Retreat!