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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | Re-Creation Retreat

adoption troubled teenQ 1. How long is the average length of stay?Because of our individualized focus and in-depth therapy, we are able to effect a substantial change in girls in as short a time as possible, but the average length of stay is typically 9-14 months, depending on the severity of the issues and how soon the girl participates fully in the therapy.

Q 2. Are the Re-Creation Retreat Therapists Licensed?Yes, each student at Re-Creation Retreat receives a comprehensive evaluation and then based upon individual need will receive individual therapy with a licensed therapist. Every student will also participate in Family and Group therapy with a Licensed Therapist.

Q 3. Will my insurance company pay for my child’s treatment and stay at Re-Creation Retreat?
 Re-Creation Retreat is a private therapeutic boarding school. While we cannot guarantee that your insurance will pay, we do meet the requirements for most third party payer sources and most do pay a portion of the costs.

Q 4. Are the Direct Care Staff also trained to work with children with behavioral issues?
 Yes, each staff member is trained by our therapeutic professionals in the standards and practices of our program, plus therapeutic crisis intervention and first aid/CPR.

Q 5. My child is behind in school; can she catch up with her peers ?
 Yes. Many of the girls we serve have fallen behind in school, this poses a problem for them especially if they are in 11th grade and have a 5th grade reading level. That is why all students receive Academic Achievement Testing so that an Individual Education Plan can be created and implemented for them.

Q 6. Is Re-Creation Retreat Coed? No, we serve girls only!

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