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Do Adopted Kids Have More Issues?

Is Your Teen Struggling With Being Adopted?

residential treatment center for girls
All children go through problems in life, either big or small, but adopted kids might have more issues to deal with. Sometimes these problems can be severe. The adoptive child could be out of control and be dangerous to themselves or others.

Typical teen issues like belonging, fitting in, rejection, connection, and acceptance of peers can be more prominent for some adopted kids. Other problems are found between the child and the adoptive parents.

Adoption Issues in Teen Girls

residential treatment center for girlsSome adopted children are from high-risk pregnancies. In most cases, the baby is prenatally exposed to adult bevarage, tobacco, and other life-threatening non-medical medications. Knowing these issues might help prep you for the problems that might occur. Adoptive kids from high-risk pregnancies are often exposed to developmental delays, impulsive choices, poor choices, attention deficit, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, and emotional disorders. Some more intense issues may occur, like Reactive Attachment Disorder, other attachment issues, learning disabilities, Fetal adult bevarage Syndrome, logic sequence problems, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder.

Anger problems might be another issue with an adopted child. As a result, adopted kids might have to attend a therapeutic boarding school. An adopted child might not be able to express love or appreciation as an average child does.

There’s Hope in Every Adoption

Families who adopt can overcome these issues. The relationship between parent and child will strengthen. Working through conflict helps everyone involved move toward wholeness and strengthening relationships.

Every parent that goes through adoption needs to understand the issues surrounding adoption. This helps responses to each case, creating a calmer approach to handling conflict.

So, Why Adopt?

When adopting a child, remember there is more to your adopted child’s life than you will be able to see. Adoptive parents play a crucial role in that child’s life; adoptive issues that occur later won’t change that.

Having Adoption Behavioral Issues With You Teen?

residential treatment center for girls
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For Troubled Teen Girls

Whether your daughter is struggling with being adopted, has an eating disorder, risky use, emotional trauma, or any other emotional or behavioral issue – we believe that your daughter is able to overcome and emerge as an emotionally intelligent girl who is ready for a second chance. When a teen arrives at our residential treatment center for girls, we realize that there is a lot of work to do… she needs to walk through a difficult journey of self-discovery. She needs to be equipped and provided with new tools. She also needs to be loved back to wholeness, and told that “she is able”. Finally, from day one we work toward eventually reunited with her family or to be prepared to enter adulthood as an independent young woman.

Re-Creation Retreat provides solutions to families dealing with troubled teen girls. For more information on our residential treatment center for girls or to enroll your daughter in our program, call us or complete our inquiry form today. 385-414-8865 

residential treatment center for girls

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