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Schools for Troubled Girls

Schools for Troubled Girls

boarding school girls in arizona Schools for troubled girls are academic programs designed to pull the rebellious girl out of the fire to save her life.  If you are a parent of a troubled girl who needs immediate help call us at (385) 414-8865. Schools for troubled girls serve young ladies who are out of control, acting out, practicing self-harm, displaying self-defeating behaviors, using or abusing non-medical medications, involved in unhealthy relationships, struggling with self-identity and self-image, poor school performance or school failure, general defiance, depression, anxiety, or personality disorders.  The list goes on and on. Essentially, schools for troubled girls serve an important purpose. The main purpose is to provide immediate therapeutic intervention for troubled girls who have failed attempts at traditional therapy (early intervention).  Schools for troubled girls are therapeutic programs for rebellious girls who are in crisis and need an out-of-home placement in order to recover.  In many cases, schools for troubled girls involve academic restoration (grade repair and credit recovery).

Troubled Girls Schools

Re-Creation Retreat is a school for troubled girls that provides outstanding academic instruction combined with integrated therapy.  We are a small school in a group home type setting where girls get plenty of one-on-one mentorship, counseling, and therapy from professional staff.  We also provide horsemanship and equine-assisted therapy, and many phenomenal recreational activities. We Help Teenage Girls Who Have…

  • Adoption-Related Issues
  • Depression or Personality Disorders
  • Abuse Trauma (Could be Self- Abuse)
  • Past Abuse or Unhealthy Relationships
  • risky use and Addictions
  • Misbehavior/Rebellion
  • Eating or Sleep Disorders
  • Cutting or Self-Harm

help for teen girls in arizonaWe are a place of natural therapeutic value, loving staff, and a nurturing environment based on positive peer culture.  More importantly, we are owner-operated (our owner is the clinical director and main therapist) and we have that family environment that makes a school for troubled girls a special place of healing and restoration. Individualized treatment is provided at Re-Creation Retreat by caring professionals; building strong therapeutic relationships with people who truly care. A foundation is built upon the real-life principles of care, trust, and service toward others. It is truly unique, set apart from the traditional residential treatment centers for girls. For professional counsel, coaching, and guidance please in regard to this program and how it can help your troubled girl, please inquire online or call (385) 414-8865 to speak with our Admissions Director.