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Directory of Services for Troubled Girls

Directory of Schools, Programs, and Therapeutic Services for Troubled Girls

equine therapy and other treatmentsIn this Directory of SchoolsPrograms, and Therapeutic Services for Troubled Girls you will find a tremendous resource for troubled teens…Re-Creation Retreat. Re-Creation Retreat helps turn around troubled girls who are defiant and rebellious. Parents of troubled girls often describe themselves as being “perplexed and confused”, especially when traditional therapeutic interventions have failed. Very few parents of troubled girls knows what to do, and they do not know what is available to them.

There is Hope and We Can Help

We hope that parents will find that Re-Creation Retreat stands out as a top therapeutic school. At Re-Creation Retreat We Help Teenage Girls Who Have…

  • Adoption-Related Issues
  • Depression or Personality Disorders
  • Abuse Trauma (Could be Self- Abuse)
  • Past Abuse or Unhealthy Relationships
  • risky use and Addictions
  • Misbehavior/Rebellion
  • Eating or Sleep Disorders
  • Cutting or Self-Harm

The best therapeutic boarding schools provide therapy, academics, leadership training, emotional growth, high school athletics, community service/outreach projects, horsemanship, risky use counseling, and family restoration. Residential treatment centers for troubled girls provide intensive therapy, both individual and group, addictions treatment, and academics.  Wilderness Therapy Programs provide assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention.  risky use Rehab programs provide acute therapeutic intervention for addiction.  There are many different options and each program and service focuses on a different problem related to emotional and behavioral health. For immediate help in locating the perfect therapeutic school, program, or service for troubled teens please call us at (385) 414-8865.  We can help you find the perfect match to your child’s specific issues.