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Dealing With Anger In Teen Girls

Anger Issues in Teen Girls

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Teen girls
generally enter their adolescent years as giddy, rambunctious, talkative, young women interested in just about everything that keeps their attention. And then, Bang, something happens, something deceptive and you cannot put your finger on and it as it does not happen overtly. But slowly, your usually sweet sensitive girl, the little girl who loved to be tucked in at night and loved your hugs may recoil from your touch, especially in public. She starts to share her deepest thoughts and dreams with her new best friend rather than you. She becomes obsessed with her body, clothing and even boys. She may drop out of soccer, softball or cheerleading, quit the youth group, and declare that her friends are her family.

As she begins her hormonal changes, her moods will take the entire family on a rollercoaster ride as she reaches gleefulness when the phone rings and yet barely survives a night at home with the her parents and siblings. It is hard not to ask yourself where you may have gone wrong. You are not alone in this quest. Although some rebellion is normal, there is no excuse for outright anger towards you and her siblings. This may be the time to find outside help and counsel.

The Downward Spiral of Anger in Teen Girls

boarding schools for troubled youthFor teen girls, they must not only adjust to physical changes, but they are also undergoing hormonal and internal physical changes that will lead to the onset of menstrual cycles, which is often marked by moodiness and depression. With this instability, rash decisions can be made and poor choices will follow. This downward cycle becomes a vacuum that some girls have a difficult coming out of. Because this situation is truly not who the teen girl is, she becomes even more moody and frustrated, setting off anger and potential aggravation that can turn into violence if escalated.

If you are feeling helpless because your precious daughter has turned into someone you no longer recognize, there is help. Call Re-Creation Retreat and speak to one of our family advocates at 385-414-8865. An outside placement may be exactly what is needed to get your teen daughter out of the environment that is bringing her down. We can help. We have served young ladies from all over the United States and are here to help you and your family.