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Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule at
Re-Creation Retreat

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The daily schedule at Re-Creation Retreat is very consistent and routine. The students have 4 hours of school Monday through Friday. The students are organized in 2 different Teams. While one team is in school, the other team is in what we call “Groups”. We do four different “Groups” a day Monday through Friday. The groups are scheduled for the same days of the week with some variance. The “Groups” consist of a variety of Therapeutic groups (Equine, DBT, Anger Management, Trauma Focused, risky use, etc…), Fine Arts (drama, choir, art, dance), Exercise (running, fitness class, yoga, team sports), Life Skills (personal finance, Awaken the Giant, Success Principles, Goals, Time Management/Productive time/Power hour), Educational (ed videos, science group, culture days), Service (on and off campus), Experiential (workshops, outings, agriculture, permaculture, mindfulness/energy, Super Soul Sunday).

Schedule Examples:

7am Wake Up (medications, hygiene, chores)
8am Breakfast, Chores
9am School
11am School Break
11:20am School Resumes
1pm Lunch, Chores
2pm Drama
3pm Exercise
4pm Showers
4:30pm Therapy Group
6pm Dinner, Chores
6:45pm Goals
7pm Dance/Ed Video/Productive time
8pm Medications Begin
8:30-9pm Rooms (hygiene, chores)
10pm Lights Out

8amWake Up (medications, hygiene, chores)
9am Breakfast, Chores
10am Write Letters
11am Ed Video/NA Group
12pm Awaken the Giant Within Group
1pm Lunch, Chores
2pm Super Soul Sunday Group
3pm Power Half Hour/Services
4pm Video Therapy Group
6pm Dinner, Chores
7pm Movie
8pm Medications Begin
8:30-9pm Rooms (hygiene, chores)
10pm Lights Out

*Parent phone calls throughout the day*